One Yukkuri Place



EasyV said:

you have to program its behaviour as a Java class and recompile the game, then distribute it as a different version

That's not very fun :(

EasyV said:

It'd be really a godsend a way to drop a directory into another one and magically have a new yukkuri in the game

I have yet to try that, but I understand somewhat how the game works. Once I start playing around with it, I may post some sort of guide if one doesn't already exist.

Alright, I tried my best to get all of the appropriate tags, but I'm pretty sure I probably missed half. I'm trying to show that Simyukkuri can be easily modified (at least visually) to make a variety of scenarios.

I'm also planning on uploading artwork of my own at some point, so this works as kind of a "getting a feel for things" post.

The koreimu is saying "Reimu's mamu-mamu's virginity," so does that constitute some sort of rape tag, or at least a tag for mamu-mamu?

Sorry if this is necro, but I'm new and trying to understand tagging.

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True Happiness is THE defining story of my mental image of yukkuri and abuse. Everything about it from the art style, to the emotions, to the flow of the action just makes me happy. I can really take it easy reading this time and time again. This is the story that really got me hooked.

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