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It's so small so it wouldn't surprise me if it hurt itself because of the sharpness of the small screw and not the sharp end itself.


I mean, the YouTube channel I mentioned (rigaya666) has 40k subs and links to a niconico, a twitter and a pixiv account, so I don't know if that's rigaya's actual account or not. I also had no idea people were reuploading his videos somewhere else.

If that YouTube channel isn't rigaya's, then that's a huge bummer because they also used to include some fairly accurate English subs to almost every video. And it would also be one of the most elaborate clones I've ever seen.

Also for the sake of keeping things on topic, here's the video I was talking about.

I remember watching a similar situation in a video from rigaya666 on his YouTube channel.

Unfortunately it seems that rigaya deleted just about 85-90% of his videos two days ago.

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