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Cuttler said:

I beg to differ. Here is what I got from reading it

Anon was an edgelord, but he wasn't torturing reimu for a video
He was starting a 'what do' thread on some anon discussion forum (something like 4chan)
what he has been doing was par with request on the board (pluck hair, stick a figma up its ass, feed, etc)

however he grew sleepy along the way, and decided to take one last request at reply #500, which turned out to be 'jizz on reimu'
he promptly did, posting the results and the thread derailed into 'post dic pics'

Anon fell asleep shortly after and had a dream of being wrestled down by reimu w/ figma body
when he woke up, thread reached bump limit (1000 replies), which demands reimu be crushed

reimu is crushed, but it is revealed reimu had a sprout (may have been impregnated by anon's jizzin)

the end

thank you too man very helpful

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  • Canttakeiteasy said:

    Anon was an edgelord and got a reimu to abyuse so he can film himself torturing the reimu. After a certain point anon rested for a bit, slept and dreamt the reimu co-opted the doll and was about to take revenge on him. Anon woke up from the nightmare, sees the Reimu and killed Reimu to make sure that his nightmare remains a nightmare and not into reality. (I think. I am not that fluent in Japanese and know very little)

    For some reason a bud grew from reimu's corpse. Perhaps if the story continues, another reimu will come out and if the story is a horror story, the baby reimu will grow up and take revenge for the mother anon killed.

    thanks for your explanation
    anons pants are down for a large part in the story, he probably seeded reimu or some shit

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  • saline said:

    someone actually did this recently in Australia with sewing needles inside strawberries

    hope the little cunt who did it eats a strawberry

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  • TosylChloride said:

    Bumping, but wasn't anon a woman who became masculine through her rigorous training?

    past anon was shown naked in the flashbacks and he had a teeny uncovered chest so he was probably just an effeminate man
    his body proportions are also nearer to a man than a woman

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  • SUN said:

    I can attest that having an annoying alarm clock is not fun. I used to have an alarm clock of a plastic chicken and every time the alarm rang it would sing "WAAAAAAH! YEEAAAAH! HEY BABY WAKE UP COME AND DANCE WITH ME!!" It was nightmarish to wake up to that jingle; after some time I trashed it in the garage, without throwing it away. I found it again after cleaning up the garage and took the time to thoroughly break it apart.

    To this day, imagining that alarm sends shivers down my spine.

    Here's the little bastard:

    you broke it? you could have sold it, that clock is rare and sells for 100 dollars

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