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That's kind of wasting... Then the parents get up.→ Why did little ones take it easy forever? → OK let's make new little ones.

Yukkrui may have somehow telepathy, like dos field. They may share emotion or memory from other yukkruis. Something has strong impression be known before yukkrui birth even the parents never seen before, like factory. Or one yu may just catch a sight form another one which is a thousand miles away.


boom said:

So I'm guessing that mold is the closest analog to cancer in the yukkuri world, right? I have to wonder what affect would UV germicidal light have on yukkuri mold, then. It could be akin to chemotherapy for battling certain types of mold.

In some setting, Yu mold is just harmful for yukkrui, and probably it's something very similar to the paste. So if you do that you may have a UV cooked yukkuri.

Here is Chinese translated copy of eisei's ある鬼威惨とゆっくりとの出会いのお話. His work may contain lots of personal setting, neta, side story, Q&A and Dos. Sometimes it's hard to understand. This one is one of basis in eisei's world. May help you to understand his world. The anons and yukkuris in this also appear in his other jobs.

There are 32 pictures of main story and about 20 of side story. Due to the upload limitaion, uploading will last a few days.


JusticeItEasy said:

that's the koreimu that nearly got killed by the original poo poo slave koreimu.

That's the komarisa.

EasyDeibu said:

Previously not displayed one of their kids, same with komarisa.

Most likely promoted to poo-poo slaves for losing accessory.

No,that's the one who lost her teeth when chewed the small stone.You can see her left eye was extruded out when she was beaten by her mommy in previous page. The poo-poo slavery seems to be another way to solve kids problem .


EasyV said:

Nuppofu's profile page:

Though I guess since this group bothered to actually change the text bubbles, it's ok to upload their work too besides the original.
Just make sure to link to the original author's profile and make explicit that this is not the original version but a hard translation (e.g. put "(chinese)" or something like that in the pool name.)

Thank you.


EasyV said:

It's probably better to pick these comics directly from nuppofu's pixiv account (and linking to it in the source field), than a chinese hard translation.

True,unfortunately my group didn’t offer me the address. Right now they all go to sleep and I have nowhere to ask, could you do that for these?

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