One Yukkuri Place



Jaaa die with truely/pure dumbness,that kinda funny though seeing the single mother Reimu die

Ahh finaly some gulung great glass that won't break even with rock and yukkuri jumping on glass

Ball_Abuse said:

Wanna marry her. <3

Oh no,but I hope you could be isekai'd on what you wish

Cataphract said:

Reimu vs Previous Generation Miko is never a good matchup for Reimu, she's fucked.

It's just my think cause I watch osana Reimu she is op plus she have secret ability and Mugen and I see wow this was so op that it been cancelled

delphi said:

i’ve never seen an unknown type like this before. good job! you’re getting a lot better at art too!

Naaaa my art is still not good compared to other but I will try to be good

delphi said:

this my good sir is fucking golden. now we need a simyukkuri 2k21 with these graphics for me to translate

You not gonna try it right

is this some experiment or is it premature
i believe it was experiment how do this
1.find ko yukkuri and adult yukkuri
2.lets just use a knife or knife for carving or something that sharp [do number 5 and 6 first]
3.make little bit hole in adult yukkuri,don't too deep that could damage the core
4.cut the koyukkuri bottom
5.lets prepare flour/wheat flour and don't forget anti yukkuritis ampoule and orange juice to not let them die or something sweet[liquid]
6.lets wet the flour by using water then stir well
7.lets paste it the ko-yukkuri to the hole of adult yukkuri
8.let it warm or warm it up so that it stick not fall
9.use anti yukkuritis ampoule to ko-yukkuri and adult yukkuri so they not develop anti yukkuritis
10.tadaa its done the experiment sticking the yukkuri or the yu-family

sorry if something is wrong or missing

Is nue eating bodied yukkuri that all the skin are being taken,I think that bodied is Reimu cause it's red I think it was bean paste