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Mikato said:

@HikarinoYami Look at this :D

Wow that amazing,im really bad aren't the proportion and other.
I still trying to draw other improving my digital,but it will take long time seriously my art bad tho.

It's really cool someone drawing my art,it's like unexpected like "what kind piece of shit is this art"

I never think make me smiling my mother even said "why are you smiling like crazy man" I never hope this happen cause I'm bad at drawing

I'm literally crying while writing this
It's amazing do this,I'm sorry for that....maybe I shouldn't go to art world,but my other self say never give hard one day your struggle will produce something.

Can I ask why you want to coloring my really bad bad art,cause there other many talented and amazing art tho
Sorry if my art make you disgusted

I says this really when I saw my art somehow someone want to coloring my art,it's unexpected.

Thanks you so much,I can't express more.

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  • Yuno said:

    He probably won't.

    I am not without blame as I have replied to hikari's comments (and I am still ashamed I did it).
    But I don't think whoever he is, he reads the answers.
    [self-censoring the part about HnY not understanding whatever is happening in the pics and not using any understandable form of English, and also about commenting almost every picture without making any sense.]

    Ah, I can post it why not.

    I'm sorry for that I'm someone who make trouble,I'm having hard time to study Japanese.

    And I'm very sorry about commenting some pic that I don't really understand,I very sorry for causing this

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