One Yukkuri Place



Edgylatimname said:

I didn't want to say more on this work to avoid causing unnecessary confusion but your comment made me want to say something I have nothing against you and you have seen my other comments but this is what an animal that feels threatened will do not for stupidity I said I have nothing against the abyuse I just wanted to give my opinion

I am sorry for the big comment

Don't worry about it the story are cool I just shock this Chen ability learn survival of the fittest

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  • I was shock to think this Idiot Chen she learn the truth the human is Overpowered is to late for sorry

    We know there Two kind yukkuri

    1 dumb yukkuri they face human overpowered them even last breath they never learn

    2 dumb yukkuri learn they mistake and discover how scary and Overpowered human are but to late for sorry they danger life of human

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  • This Chen not Shithead, I think this Chen is Idiot or Overprotective Mother instinct Even Human had Mother instinct Overprotective to willing to fight if they child being hurt or kill

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  • Cosmos said:

    Nah, mold is made by living in an unclean and moist area, not by having parasites inside them. And yeah, parasites are bad, but again, predators eat strays are the time, and strays can still live with parasites inside them without a problem, and many pools depicted about parasites only show that they affect humans who consume yukkuri raw, never before any pools depicted that yukkuri have problems with parasites (aside from Leucochloridium paradoxum, but I doubt not many predators stupid enough to consume them).

    Bro u said that to me to long time ago u already give that knowledge

    I just wondering if this marisa and reimu had parasite or not

    Some stray smart they just eating flower and worm those are safe food, not eating trash food giving you parasite this knowledge i got from you

    Yea I forgot depend yuverse some story comic of Author eating trash not giving parasite not follow logic in real reality and some Author follow logic if you eat not healthy example trash food give you parasite inside your body

    Some mold food by eating it u will get infected by mold slowly killing you and some parasite slowly destroy your body become rotting become mold not knowing what happen inside your body

    U right about that unclean dirty place might you infected by mold

    Some Author not follow logic parasite inside yukkuri not killing them but for us humans in real reality parasite very dangerous if they reach our brain that mean we are death same to yukkuri if they manage reach paste core yukkuri they death for sure i said this again not safe for yukkuri eating stray yukkuri might had parasite might killing them by eating they paste core if Author follow logic

    Thanks for your knowledge Mr Cosmos


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  • Cosmos said:

    I talking about survival those yukkuri had parasite destroy they body slowly and become mold if some pet yukkuri eat stray yukkuri they will get infected obvious this knowledge i got from you

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