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EasyV said:

This guy is NoAbuse.
The sockpuppet has been banned by Fly, when I can I'll change the tempban to permaban.
I'm kinda absent at the moment because over here the 15 of August is kind of an unofficial holiday and the 16 is also Sunday, so I'm essentially not available.

And also, what's with that threatening PS?
Who do you think you are?
And the "effect on the system" isn't any different than other similar stunts in the past.


Hi, i wanna ask about what make him ban-able this time.

I know you guys are tired taking care of this case, but i'm just curious, so i am sorry if i disturb you guys.

I'm sorry if i sounds like defending that guy in this comment, i really know he is an asshole and i really want him to not come here. But if you are going to ban him without hin violating any rules, that sounds kinda wrong isn't it ( cause it will make you sounds like "i'm mod, i'm stronk, i can ban anyone).

I know he created and use new account this time. But that didn't violate any rules in this website didn't it (except if he tries to bypass a ban, which i think already expired).

It looks like he also didn't comment about protesting abuse in abuse post (like that time before). He is just pointing out that he think he is bringing change to this site, like a chunni. If it's about being nice to community, i think he is just pointing that "he think that he can destroy the "system"", which is not disrespectful, but just being a chunni.

He create an account i think because that he wants to reset his bad image. Sure he will be anti-abuse like before by posting bullshit stuff like stronk yukkuri is stronk, but he hasn't violate any rules in this site right.

So, can you point out the rules he violate, to make your ban is not questionable. I won't argue, just want to ask. Thank you.

And i swear that i'm not him in disguise lololol. Please don't ban me

TLDR: want to ask what makes him ban-able this time cause i think he haven't violate any rules.


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  • NoAbuse said:

    One: Chill the [Expunged] up

    Two: OYP is the ONLY abuse-major website

    Three: Since this is the Japanese side of the Touhou fandom we are talking about, they made abuse comics to make us stay away from the fandom, they didn’t expect abuse art to attract people instead of driving them away, this applies to both sides of this battle


    One: I am chill lol, making many point of argument doesn't mean that you are not chill, i am just trying to show you how [Redacted] you are, thinking you are the judge and the law.

    Two: Yes, then why tf you are still here. If you know that, and so anti abuse, why go to the site where majority is abusers and ruin the place where abusers can have fun, is your life so shitty that you need to ruin other people's fun as well?

    Three: To be honest, I don't care about the origin of the abuse, some people like it, and that is not wrong. It's your twisted justice in your head that think if anyone else did not agree with you, then they are 100% wrong

    You are not shikieiki yamaxanadu lol, stop acting like one and shit on people who you see as "black"

    Look, you yourself some post ago said that

    "Stay calm, *keep to myself, post my own stuff*"

    Where the f*ck did that go


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  • NoAbuse said:

    If we can just leave the yukkuri alone then there will not be these flame wars


    Sorry to interrupt, but do you think that if everyone disagree with you that means that everyone is evil and twisted? do you think that if anyone have a different meaning of "good" in their head that means they are wrong? do you think that you are the protagonist of this world, that everyone needs to follow your ideal?

    I have never been bullied in my life, so i don't have an advice for you in that manner, but i do know that if you keep ruining people's fun, the people around you will tries to stay away from you. You are ruining this site's fun you know, by trying to be more righteous than other people, you made a 100% pure-fun-to-people down to less than before. there is no real victim here, the yukkuri that you tries to defend is not real. and the fun that you ruined to us is real. it's fine if you tries to defend real people, real thing. but this "yukkuri" is not real.

    Most abusers think that these yukkuri deserve it. They are pests to their virtual world. The yukkuri destroy stuff there . The murdering is the justice and the "good" to these abusers. and who are you to judge them and try to "fix" this site?

    If you say that yukkuri did not do stuff like that, then the yukkuri in the abuse world and the yukkuri in family friendly world is different.

    The yukkuri in the abuse world is a pest and a villain, the abuser is the hero that get rids of them, the yukkuri lover is the villain who tries to breed these pests. I enjoy this world

    In the FF world, there is no such thing as abuse, and the yukkuri did not behave like an asshole like the one in the abuse world, they are the perfect and cute pet to the owner. I also enjoy this world

    Then there is your world, a world created to satisfy your desire to be a hero. The yukkuri in there is also get abused, but instead you trying be "right" and heroic, made the yukkuri more powerful than human, you create a world where your creation is superior than other being. You tries to be more superior.
    Not my favorite, but its okay.

    You are also an abuser, you abuses the abuser in your world. but instead of accepting that, you tries to be more superior than the abuser by ruining the abuser's fun in the post that is exclusive to abuser.

    There is more point that i have, but not relevant to the current discussion, the only thing that i am trying to do is to make you realize that you are no different than us, just more shithead than us by trying to be more superior.

    Now, try to go outside of this website, look at danbooru for example, they have no yukkuri abuse in there. If you want, try to upload your creation there, they might accept you, or they might say that you are crazy for posting anti-abuse stuff from nowhere. I myself accept your creation and post, its interesting. but if you want to behave like this and make a flame war, i don't think myself or this site will accept you happily.

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  • @EasyV It's from shinra bansho pv netaminity (minute 1:56), that is parsee's shadow, but tbh at the first glance it also looks like yukkureimu to me lol.

    EasyV said:

    I was about to approve it, but then thought: is this an edit to have a yukkuri there, or is it unrelated? I can't tell.

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