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Ctmbottomtext said:

Didn't only shitheads force yukkuris to become shit slaves? They are always the only ones to do it, neutralheads just make a pit and when it's full they cover it with dirt

I imagine that in an urban setting, where the yukkuri have limited space to live, covering up the hole with dirt and digging a new one isn't a long-term solution. Doing that seems like a good way to make a shitpit minefield, and will likely draw the wrath of the first human to find themselves ankle deep in bean paste. Also, a shitpit is full of slightly expired yukkuri filling, so any animal that feeds on a pit would probably feed on the yukkuri that utilize it too.

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  • delphi said:

    now that you invented a new yukkuri type, what will you make with them? any special traits?

    Mike: filing is probably chocolate of some kind like Orin and Chen. Likes coins more than other shiny objects as treasure.

    Takane: Surf&Turf filling. Behaves like a Nitori but isn't aquatic.

    Sannyo: Tobacco filing. Smoke relaxes other yukkuri.

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  • Yukiyugi said:

    I don't know what half the stuff you referenced is, lol. Could you enlighten me please?

    Ben Garrison is a political cartoonist who used to draw weird anti-government conspiracy theory propaganda until trump came along and now draws pro-government conspiracy theory propaganda. He's known for labeling every single thing he draws.

    Ayn Rand was a philosopher (in the loosest sense of the term) who was rabidly anti-communist. She believed that working people were parasites and that the upper classes were the productive individuals. Her most famous novel, Atlas Shrugged, is basically a long diatribe about this.

    "Neckbeard" is insult that gets thrown around a lot, generally referring to men who are overweight, misogynistic, know-it-alls with facial hair on their necks and fedoras on their heads. They produce content like this. Major overlap with "nice guys" who complain about being "friendzoned".

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