One Yukkuri Place



dakight said:

iirc there is one anko about this, about a monster Reimu, strong enough to kill human.
Aside from that, the common yu, which has two braids, don't play the hunter roll much.


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  • excalivern said:

    Wow, this koreimu sure is lucky,
    1st the rail stopped just when it's about to sent her into the shaving machine,
    fell on a pile of clothes when shoved out of the rail,
    accidentally found a way out of the factory,
    got a leftover orange juice sprinkled when suffering fatal injury,
    coincidentally fall near a shelter when it rains,
    got saved by a patchy when attacked by ants.

    Either it'll survive n build a happy family, turn into a shithead, or karma catches up when it's luck run out, can't wait for the continuation.

    this ko was a test by the RNG gods to see how much they could get away with without being punished by the ruler of the gods

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  • TosylChloride said:

    This place seriously needs a redesign, so that the products wouldn't be able to escape the production line in cases like this.

    it's not our fault,the shiddy mister management is refusing to spend any mister money on revamps!

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