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Yukkurinator said:

Oh man
I hope bluesnow adding features on YD like give poison/cigar to yukkuri :(

I think there is overcooked food is considered as poison in game

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  • Ahegao said:

    Ah I love seeing this.

    Isolation abuse is really underappreciated in the yukkuri community. Usually even when they draw a yukkuri isolated/abandoned they usually just timeskips into the next day or something where the yu is seen starving or dying or something. Seeing the mental breakdown is really satisfying to me especially since I love seeing crying yus.

    We need a tag about isolation

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  • Ball_Abuse said:

    Stray kos of ex-pet yu behave normally in harsh environment, after receiving some food or care from human, they will excrete their bad memory paste and unleash their shithead nature. Kos are born from refresh without owner permission should die.
    It looks like miss has new Marisa.

    I don't see any new Marisa. Which picture suggests that?

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