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Anybody Online Right Now?

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Lol well you can just use mibbit.
Its an online irc service so you don't have to download anything!
Just pick synirc from the pull down menu, pick your nickname and put #easychannel in!

Youll be able to irc through a web window, easy as pie. Then you can chat with your cool yukkuri brothers!

When are you guys usually on?

Being in a retarded timezone sure has its drawback, sigh. Even though I wanna join the cool club too!

I'm in UTC+0700
So my active time is usually from 21:30~14:00 UTC in working day. Less in weekend and vacation.

danogoat said:
do we really have to use IRC? I mean, we are in 2011...

I know this is a VERY old comment, but...

I'd just like to say I have a particular boner for IRC because it's esoteric enough to keep out the rabble.

Fragtagonal said:
What else would we use dan?
And I'm on it right now, so this is where the party is at.

this comment is cute because he never appeared again on the channel

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