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Translation Request Thread

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I would love a translation of Takumi's works. Not only is he one of the most talented yukkuri artists there is, but the neatness of his work shouldn't make it too hard to read. Also, his stories tend to be a tad complex as of late, so they would benefit from a translation.

Thanks a lot!

Hey I wanted to request a translation of Tumikikuzusi's works. I believe he is also known as Yukkuri Jenga. One of his comics was already translated and well-received among the community. His pictures are cute with the perfect amount of abuse. Even his sketches are great.

Here's both of their works so you guys can compare


Yukkuri Jenga:

I have a question for you guys. If a picture has been translated with notes should we remove the untranslated tags? Or does translated only apply to ones where the text has been changed to english?