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Issue with viewing Posts?

Posted under Bugs & Features

Hi, I noticed that when I tried to search for posts made by Takumi, I was only able to get to page 48 of posts. I know he's made more than that, so I tried manually entering higher numbers to search, like so:

and I was able to get to the equivalent page despite there still being no link (the bottom shows a maximum of 48 pages still)

Also, when searching all the posts as a whole without tags, I am unable to search beyond page 1000 even though I know there are older posts than that. Is there anything I can do about this?

On the topic of the danbooru server affecting ease of use, I've noticed that only two tags may be used at once when searching images. Makes it rather hard to narrow down the results when trying to locate half-remembered images/entries in pools.

Ok, big page count is "fixed" (until we hit 200k posts...). The rest is kinda a work in progress..