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Looking for a specific pool

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A couple of days, I found a pool I can't find anymore since I am retarded. Could you guys help me ?
The story was about a family of yukkuris deciding to live in a cardboard box next to a cabbage field, eating all the vegetables there. they were all happy, until the farmer realizes the mess they made and deicdes to destroy them.

Thanks in advance.

IDK how old the pool is, but that's a fairly generic theme. It doesn't seem quite right on some details for kacchan or aglet and wouldn't apply to bodied Yuukas. Hopefully, it's Hitosura's link.

It was another in a long line of True Happiness-esque stories.

Feels like there was a long period of time around here where everyone was just trying to find a way to remix that and make it as painful as possible.