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I've been going back and forth deciding wether or not do it, and in the end I decided to do it.
I've made a page listing japanese words and how they are translated in the context of yukkuri comics.
Obviously there are words that are yukkuri-specific, but there are also many other that are normal japanese words, but are translated differently in english.
Right now I've written only those that I could think of on the moment, but since it's editable by anyone, contributors are welcomed.
You can find it at the dictionary wiki page (it's linked on the wiki home too)

One thing that I always wonders is how to translate the もる/もるん sound effect they make while walking/running.

excalivern said:

One thing that I always wonders is how to translate the もる/もるん sound effect they make while walking/running.

That's literally the butt shaking, so use something like wiggle
When they walk they go yuchi yucchi or zuuri zuuri

Don't forget おかざり(お飾り)(okazari) for accessory. And 子ゆっくり (こゆっくり)(子ゆ) for child Yukkuri (distinct from "baby Yukkuri" or "little one") and 成ゆっくり (なりゆっくり)(成ゆ)for adult Yukkuri (Or is it parent Yukkuri? Not 100% certain on that but I do see the term used often.)

I always wondered if そろーり そろーり was supposed to be pure onomatopoeia or if they're literally saying "slowly". In any case, that's worth adding too as something they say when sneaking around or sometimes just moving in general.

Maybe bring in some of the stuff from as well. The "Easy days, Happy days" and "Munch munch happiness" songs and their sources seem particularly useful in a dictionary.


I'm not sure about adding sounds like もるん, they're not really words and any translation that expresses the same thing is fine for me
About koyukkuri, originally I hadn't included it because both "koyukkuri" and "child yukkuri" are meaningful translations, and anyway 子 means either child or girl, so it's easy to get it right
Same for 成, which is ok to translate both as "parent" and "adult"
On the other hand, baby yukkuri always get mistranlated, either to akayu (which should be akayukkuri, if anything, just like koyukkuri is not koyu), or, worst of all, to "red yukkuri"
The dictionary was mostly meant for words that usually cause problems, but of course this can change (just edit it ;)
The songs ought to be added, that's true

There are a few inaccuracies or omissions in the notes
If I can't get around to fix them myself later today I'll edit this post or something with a list
Aside for that, I suggest always placing the hiragana-only version before the kanji version, especially if it's something that humans don't really use unless they are mocking yukkuri
Yukkuri speak in hiragana after all, unless they're particularily smart