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Yukkuri "Lore"?

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Alright. Everyone knows about how yukkuri have their own world, what I mean by this is that they have applications besides of those of pets. But let's say I go to the yukkuri wiki, everything seems to be a case-by-case basis and that most of the people who write the pages for each character base them off a single fiction that can't be tracked down, or tracked down easily for that matter. What I'm trying to say is is there a more uniformed lore for yukkuris?

They seem to be obviously smart to some degree but a lot of evidence about their behaviors, even some that should be easy to observe seem oddly shrouded in mystery. Some "lore" simply makes less sense than others if you try to put it into perspective.
For example, Yukkuri Okuus are used as a nuclear fuel source, and I've seen it be stated that they are used on Nuclear subs. Sweet. When I first got interested by the fandom, I thought that the uranium was actually harvested before realizing that wait... They self destruct. You literally have an idiot that could explode and destroy the entire sub if it has a mood swing. Not a good thought.

With inconsistent things like that, I would expect a more uniformed yukkuri lore to appear. I dunno if other people thought that, of course seeing different people's interpretations are fun too. I guess I just crave an understanding or something like that.

Most of the yukkuri lore is more about how they relate with each others, than on the single individual
There is how they make babies, how their clans are structured, how they interact with other yukkuri based on the circumstances, and even how they interact with humans
From that point of view things are fairly organized, and people don't look like they want to change anything

The thing with single yukkuri is that the majority of the works don't need to describe them: in abyuse stories the focus is on the yukkuri's disgrace, not in the details of its type, and in "family friendly" ones, observation works are rare and unless they really piqued the fans' interest they don't change things much

There is also the fact that yukkuri artists take a long time to "introduce" a new yukkuri
Despite being a fan favourite for the past 7 years, the yukkuri version of Okuu barely got something more than self-contained illustrations
With this few content, it's hard to establish a lore around her

The real unknown variable is ankos
There are more than ten thousands, and they are read by a good chunk of yukkuri fans, to the point that they can easily change the yuniverse
For example, Shell Marisa and Yuukanyan both first appeared in ankos
Since we can't read them, we'll never know if there are established lores that never got a comic

The "lore" and the implications is where most of the stories come from. What IF they did use okuus on nuclear subs? There's a story. What about harvesting okuus for the uranium? Well, that's a different type of story.

Most stories and how yukkuris are can be split up into 3 categories:

1) shithead abuse/justifications of abuse: yukkuris are weak/stupid to the extreme, and all of their traits are conveniently there so people can abuse the hell out of them. Most of the "livestock" type of stories fall in place here as yukkuris tend to be too stupid/powerless to escape/do anything.

2) Natural: yukkuris are more "believable", and has realistic traits that help them survive in the wild. For example: mammalian births are more robust but give fewer children, while stalk birth is quantity over quality.

3) family friendly: Yukkuris are functionally immortal, and anything bad is met with instant/eventual karma. Usually revolve around slice of life, and how yukkuris help humans as part of their day to day life.

Most lore evolves from 1 single event. If the story is generic, generally the JP community nods and then continues on their way. For example: Deibus became popular almost overnight thanks to z-aki. Yurrikus became a thing after someone made a joke about "what if yukkuris were hung upside down, would they say their name backwards". Bawiza became popular after one series of comics which was intended to be comical (Marisa is depicted as somewhat selfish and self-centered in touhou fanon).

etc etc...

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