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I had a wild dream with a koyukkuri.

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2 nights ago, I had a dream in which I saw my self holding in my hand an oval/potato shape koyukkuri.
I wasn't sure of its type, since it had no hair and accessories.
Suddenly, I felt an incomprehensible urge to destroy that thing. I held it TIGHT in my hand, but not too TIGHT to squish it, then I RAMMMED its face HARD to a nearby wall.
Despite being pastries, I swear that koyukkuri felt like a boiled potato/carrot, semi-soft but not that trademark softness of manjuu/mochi/whatever.
Everytime I RAMMED it, the "yunyaa" sound grew louder, my blood boiled more exponentially. I felt as if I could feed on its suffering like a true Dark Eldar.
After a while, I stopped to check it. You know what? It had the same facial feature of dead yukkuri from Yukkuri Diary (the emotionless face). Its eyes closed, its mouth wide opened, tears on its cheeks but never dropped.
Still, the faint "yunyaa" sound lurked around.
I held it even TIGHTER, and redid the process many times until I woke up.


excalivern said:

About time to look for some relaxing activity to vent some stress I guess...

Agreed, if everything fails, a romp with Brutal Doom or Project Brutality should do the trick!

I didnt dreamt about yukkuri yet. I hope when I dream it be like yours, squashing and punching them and hearing them cry lol

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