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I feel that the yukkuri in general are quite easy to cry

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In most of the comics I have read so far, the majority of yukkuri seems having a very fragile mind, even the shittiest of the shitheads could still give in to trauma and burst into crying out loud.

Let's not debate about the authors' intention (because it's their will) but just talk about things as if they were in-universe, why do yukkuri give in to crying so easily?

Because they generally (because the bulk of the population are the common reimus and marisas) have the mental ability and emotional maturity of a less than 12 year old human -_-?

Think of them like they are the smartest dogs around with speech and tool making added in but with a very fragile body that is prone to predation. Dogs do a lot of illogical stuff all the time and whine and cry if they cannot outright attack or threaten an attacker off.

It's a example of a double standard fragile bully, when they bully others they act all tough with loads of bravado but when someone fights back in any way (even non physical) and hits the their easily accesible nerves, they break down between not being able to bear what's going on and a potential "pitty/victim points" winning attemp in hope of being spared or "something" saving them from their current situation.

Funnily enough that can be seen to some degree as a survival mechanismn or tactic, either to make the agressor stop or attract someone to deal with the agressor, kinda how Goblins in Goblin Slayer attemp the pity roll on adventurers, specially when they are kid goblins, only for when they are spared or saved, to turn quickly on their benefactor when they have their backs turned.

Of course how much this works is questionable, but again, Pastry Golems product of an Asshole Wizard's shenanigans, expect anything.

That is a pretty normal reaction, actually. There's two buckets to it, last resort to keep one's life and just something bad happening.

As a last resort to keep one's life, most humans would actually do the same. When no other options are left, people would very often resort to begging even if it's unreasonable to expect mercy. Because there's nothing else to do, and death is scary.

Crying comes as a natural subconscious part of begging, as almost any being had childhood moments of begging trying to get something from it's parents (candy, new toy) and crying made those attempts more effective. When humans resort to begging in non immediate life-or-death situation, most would make a conscious effort to skip that part. But when it is immediate life or death situation, usually reason is lost, and subconscious memory brings up tears as an effective part of begging.

Now when it is not life or death yet, and is just something sad or painful happening, adult humans would hold tears much better than yukkuris. But notice the part "hold".

Same as above, we have a subconscious memory and maybe even instinct that crying may make parents aware of your bad situation and come fix it. Even when our parents are no longer there, this is still present in part of the mind we usually do not associate ourselves with, and that part governs automated responses that happen without thought process. Like moving your hand away from pain source. Crying is just one of such of automated reactions.

We can and most of the time opt to suppress this reaction, with a conscious effort. The bigger the hardship, the harder it is to do so.
And yukkuris just do not possess same level of conscious self-control as humans do.

Indeed that's another way to see it as well, but since we were talking about yukkuris, I went for something a bit closer to their nature and if you put aside the whole meta explanation of crying moe or cute agression, the usual scenario is a clear case of fragile bully/crocodiles tears.

But yeah, in extreme cases it's a natural reaction for creatures, not too disimilar to how you have the usual "war scene" of agonizing nearly dead soldiers going "mama, papa", etc. and you see yukkuris, adult ones, going for "MAMA HELP ME" when things are just lost and no hope is anywhere.

Basically the key difference is mental strenght and tolerance, the average creature can hold it togheter longer than a yukkuri, while a yukkuri kinda breaks easily until something automatically resets their mood (some sort of sweet, shitting enough while being given a break, etc.) you could argue that's their advantage, the theorical "quick reset" compared to normal creatures that take longer, but again, normal creatures have a greater tolerance threshold so they have an easier time avoiding that "break point", so no real need for a "quick reset" to avoid reaching a point of no return in record time, well unless you make sure they don't have that quick reset, then anti yukkuritis kicks in and it's game over, but usually in a natural enviroment a scenario that would give a yukkuri no chance to quick reset themselves may as well be one with the yukkuri being killed by a predator or something so it becomes redundant.

In the end the real reason is meta and in universe we can speculate as much as we want since yukkuris have enough reasons to have certain traits because of "trash manjuu" status or "it's just a parody of an actual IRL natural trait.".

We can go pages over pages about the reasons or we can just simply everything with "Patry Golems, Asshole Wizard Shenanigans, roll with it."

Humans can contact "anti-yukkuritis" as well, see mental hospitals. It's just that circumstances need to keep us past our breaking point longer than yukkuris. Most of the concepts in yukkuri world is just a crooked mirror of our own concepts.

They are faster to break and faster to heal. Not only mentally, but physically as well with all that orange juice and imagination-based regeneration power allowing to regain vision after enough lick-licking (ammo mother reimu story, number of other examples on other injuries).
Ideal design of a creature purposed for abuse stories.

EasyDeibu said:
Humans can contact "anti-yukkuritis" as well, see mental hospitals. It's just that circumstances need to keep us past our breaking point longer than yukkuris. Most of the concepts in yukkuri world is just a crooked mirror of our own concepts.

I was just going to say Mental breakdowns maybe a better paralel for humans, but I realized Mental Breakdowns can lead to violent outbursts and such, which anti yukkuritis doesn't.

Yeah Yukkuris can go berserker as in REALLY berserker but anti yukkuritis is more akin to a total shutdown and no author ever said a berserker yukkuri is suffering anti yukkuritis.

To be fair Anti Yukkuritis can be compared more to a very specific form of mental health breaking point that outright shutdowns or reduce someone to a mumbling and babblering mess.

Basically what people think when they are made to picture a "what happens if you fully lose sanity while facing an eldritch horror".

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