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EasyV said:

Google group has a character count limit, after which it will add a break with a "show more" button.

I just tested a 3100 characters post and the button did not appear, but I don't know if that's because I'm the poster. As you can see I'm technologically impaired. If by any chance you have the numbers, I'd be grateful. I tried asking Google, but it wasn't my friend.
Splitting it up it is, then... thanks for the answer.

I think the break point is around 12000 characters.
I'm not really sure what the number was; I read about it in the comments to some story posted in the OYP group (forgot which, but it's very likely either Raising Badged Yukkuri or Wolf and Seven Yukkuri), but even then it was mostly an estimate.

Thanks a lot. Given the info I decided to break it into smaller parts, this way we should avoid the nasty "show more" button with ease, except maybe in a couple of occasions.

Even though I didn't explicitly advertise it here, I kept uploading chapters of my unfinished tale (usually on wednesday.)
Alas, despite my best intentions, I never managed to continue it and as time went on, we finally reached the last complete chapter:

It's a real pity being unable to tell the ending (unless you want the roadmap of what was planned), but at least it doesn't end with a cliffhanger.

Because I have access logs activated on my website (they only register the requests made to the site. I have them to check if there are some suspicious activities (sometimes there are)), I could see that there were a couple of people that would always check if there was a new chapter, and I want to thank them in particular for this.

I've found it to be a rather easy story with an interesting premise. I also hope you didn't mind me adding a link to the website to the wiki. Hopefully it hasn't attracted a horde of shitheads.

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