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I have a idea about a story, which started with a woman who is also a lieutenant(she isn't really a human btw), she's strict, but also caring, she have 13 bodied yukkuries as her maid, and 10 dark bodied yukkuries as her Subordinate, she also have 5 yukkuries as her pets(kids), she and her subordinate have a yukkuri farm which is near their home, which they feed little yukkuries and sell them to various places, they also have a job which is hunt down yukkuries that attack humans or villages, the lieutenant is a friend of Yukari Yakumo, they were used to be lover once, Yukari like to take her to gensokyo and play with the girls, and she also give missions to Lieutenant to complete

My essay is rough, but pls don't mind that


EasyV said:

Maybe you should start writing it?

But i'm not good at story tellin, and my novel is in chinese

EasyV said:

You'll never get any good if you don't start practicing ;)

Seconding this so hard. If you want to get good at writing, you've got to write, write, write, write, and when you've done all that, write some more. It'll take a while, but the sooner you start, the sooner you'll make it.