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On the matter of the unavailable Google Group

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I discovered that apparently you can access it only if you are logged in with a Google account.
I think it would be a good idea to archive the works uploaded there somewhere else because this situation is not ideal.

It apparently depends on whether or not the group admin gives you access permissions.

I say that because I can access the group just fine on one Google account, but can't if I use another.

Either the stories need to be uploaded elsewhere (which is a good idea anyways because backups) or viewing permissions need to be reviewed and set to ALL.

Is that so? I wonder why it changed, it used to be public.

Meanwhile I'm archiving my own tales on my archive, which I advertise again:

If someone wants to put some other content there it's fine of course, but I'd search for a third choice too.

It's weird because I haven't touched the settings. It should be visible for all.

I re-toggled it and it seems to be ok now. Google usually does this sort of stuff without telling people what's going on.

edit: For the record it has always been visible for all, but need membership to post (to prevent spam bots).

Somehow I still can't see it, but if the setting is toggled then it can also simply be Google making it unavailable to non-Chrome browsers.

edit: Google added a new setting where it defaults to being visible only to members of the group.

I've updated the settings and it should be visible once again. Sorry I didn't notice it the first time.

The current functionalities are actually improved, I was used to text starting a new line after very few characters!
Thanks for everything Poweryoga(did I even thank you for helping me with this OYP account, some time ago? If not I do it now).

great to see the stories are still there and people still write. I actually have "An Eye for an Eye" open in one for the 700 tabs on my phone now and will finish reading it at some point.