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upload bookmarklet issues

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Hey there,

I'm trying to use the bookmarklet to parse and upload pixiv galleries to here without having to manually upload each one and tag. I keep running into the following error:
Pixiv API access token call failed (status=400 body={"has_error":true,"errors":{"system":{"message":"Missing parameters. \u0022username\u0022 and \u0022password\u0022 required","code":1508}}})

Obviously the api needs to use my pixiv username and pass because it's an 18+ gallery, but I can't find anywhere to edit the bookmarklet with my details. I googled around and couldn't really find an answer, there were similar issues with other things using the pixiv api but nothing really helpful (some were from like 8 yrs ago).

Any tricks to getting it working, or is it just manual up0loading?

thanks guys

I'm honestly not sure who wrote the bookmarklet + how to maintain it. I can take a stab at it but no promises.

where is this thing anyway?

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