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Crosspost tutorial

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Hello. Do YOU want to be like Yuno, and crosspost efficiently? Well this is the guide for you!


Crossposting is the act of getting an image from one place and putting it in another place.

There are two parts to this:

Getting the image

  • Creating the account if necessary
  • Getting the original image instead of the preview image
  • Saving to files

Uploading the image

  • Logging in to OYP
  • Creating artist tag/series pool if necessary
  • Uploading to box
  • Rating and tagging

What can you upload?

OYP T&C posting rule: You will make a best faith effort to upload only high quality yukkuri-related images.

Yukkuri-unrelated works will be deleted, so it's a waste of both your time to upload it and the admins' time to delete it.

You can ask around on the Forums to see if the series/image you want to crosspost are really yukkuri-related.

Rule of thumb is that it must be mostly yukkuri-related: if there's a long webcomic that makes a single hidden reference to yukkuri, just upload the page with the image and ignore the rest.

Getting the image

Always try to get the image from the OP (original poster i.e. official artist page) rather than a repost since reposters may scale down resolution.


Most artists use Pixiv to upload their art.

You'll want to create or use an account. This allows you to bypass R18 censors, and abuse works are usually rated R18.

Turn on Dark Mode. Nothing personal, kid. It's just that some monochrome yukkuri manga don't have black borders, so the white default background makes it hard to see where one page ends and another begins.

Open image in new tab. Look at the URL: this should include the word "original" somewhere on the right side. This only-image tab is the correct image, as Pixiv scales down images when in the infinite scroll view. Note that Pixiv's compression system is pretty jank, so image size is not a measure of image resolution.

403 Error forbidden

Pixiv might return an Error page, and that's normal. If you aren't afraid of downloading a virus, get Tampermonkey, which is essentially a user-friendly edit of the Chrome view code function. There are a few codes on the Internet that claim to fix tthis problem; I personally use, and it's worked quite well.
CAUTION: Check that you're not downloading a virus. For Tampermonkey, you want the one with millions of downloads, reviews, etc. For the code, use common sense: something that is hundreds of lines long and has power words like 'override' and 'delete' probably isn't the one you're looking for.

Saving to files

Right click, Cmd/Ctrl-S, whatever works. Screenshots sacrifice resolution, though, so try not to do that.

Preparation/Artist tag

You'll want to put artist tags on the crossposts.

If the artist's name is in alphabet-based letters (like English): search on OYP's artist list for them. If you find them, skip to the next part.

If the artist's name is in character-based letters (like Japanese): Shove it through Google Translate and get the pronunciation (e.g. romanji, pinyin, etc). Then, search on OYP's artist list. If you find them, skip to the next part.

If you can't find the artist, go to the artist list and select 'new' to create a new artist tag. Use their English-ver name. Fill out the blanks, and enter their artist page (series links go in pool descriptions).

Uploading to OYP

An account is necessary.

Go to the Posts tab and click New. You should see a large red box.

Uploading file

You can click on the red box for a choose-file popup.

Alternately, you can drag and drop.


Rating seems to be broken, but please select the appropriate rating. Future site updates may fix the rating system.

Explicit: For abuse works etc. Something the ESRB wouldn't be happy with.
Questionable: For when you don't know, or if the image is between the two ratings.
Safe: For FF works etc. Something you'd be happy showing a kid (giant personified bun weirdness notwithstanding).

You should see the box light up green after you choose a file and a rating. This signifies that you can upload, but don't upload yet.


Tag whatever you see: artist, color, characters, etc.

You can type the tag name out fully. There's a dropdown whenever you type something, so you can click on the tag to assign it.

As EasyV explains below, there is a recent-tags pane. Clicking on a tag within that pane will automatically assign it, saving you typing it out.

Alternatively, you can also copy-paste constant tags, like artist and color.

If you have trouble remembering which tags to add, try adding some structure:
[subject] [adjective] [action] [adjective] [object]
For example, if you see a tearful Marisa getting attacked by a hungry Flan, you could write:
flandre eating abuse crying marisa


A pool is a collection of images.

Post numbers

Pools can be thought of lists of images. Every post on OYP has its own five-digit (or more) number. Put the post number in the pool.

Here's a sample link of moge's cute Flandre:

The part is the website part that tells you you're on OYP.
The /posts/ part is the tab part.
The 77796 part is the post number. Just digits, nothing else.
The ?q=flandre+ is the search part. By default, if you click on next image, it'll show you the last image chronologically uploaded before the selectted one. However, when you have a search query, the website will redirect you to the last image uploaded that fits the search query . Pools don't recognise this part.

Creating a pool

Go to the Pools tab and select 'New'.

Copy and paste the title in its original language. If there's no title, name it something relevant. Then, put the author's name in brackets after the title name.

Adding posts

You have to type out every number: if you want posts 1,2,3, you cannot type out 1-3. You must type out 1 2 3.

If you have a spreadsheet software, you can enter [#ofpost1] then [#ofpost2], select both, then drag them to the desired distance. There also may be counting calculator out there that do the same thing. You can copy and paste from both so you don't have to write out all the numbers.

Getting accepted

If you're new around here, your uploads should have a blue border around them when you open the OYP homepage.

This means that they're pending approval. Admins need to approve them before they become real uploads. If the admins refuse it, the image will be deleted.

If your uploads haven't been approved nor deleted within a few days, ask around on the Forums or contact the admins on Discord.


Thank you for reading this, I hope it helps. help:home has links to artist pages and communication links like the all-important Discord invite.

If your posts don't receive much attention, don't worry. It's probably not in English, so just wait and see if the translators pick up your uploads.

If you managed to crosspost, congratulations! Now you know how to crosspost for any booru.

Updated by EasyV

I want to say that some of these guidelines are incorrect or contains wrong informations.

The short version of the upload tutorial is:

  • Get on a site with yukkuri content, registering a profile if needed
  • Download the images you want to upload to disk
  • Upload them one at a time here

I would advise against giving specific instructions like opening multiple tabs or using keybindings.
Not everyone is able to work with your same workflow and in fact I'm much faster when I click on buttons instead of using drag-and-drop, using only one tab for everything and navigating by clicking on links.

Most of your "organizing" recommendations can be eliminated by working on one thing at a time.
OYP isn't a race so everyone can do things at their own pace, no need to download every comic on pixiv and rush to get them here.
Get one full comic or one illustration, upload it here then move to the next one after you're done.
Admittedly I'm going against my previous paragraph by saying this, but I want to provide a different point of view.

As for tagging, the site UI kindly provides a little pane at the bottom of the upload page with the most recently used tags. Even if all you're going to do is to put the artist and the characters and nothing else, those tags are there and you can just click on them before pressing the submit button, without having to copy-paste or write them all the time.

You also didn't specify how to create new characters/artists tag which is essential for a tutorial like this.

Sorry about that, I’ll fix it. Guess I shouldn’t write at 10pm.

EDIT: Fixed. Note to self: don't close the computer while writing, as it deletes all changes..