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myon -> youmu

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redtails said:

this tag was being used for the ghost thing that accompanies konpaku_youmu

Unfortunately in yukkuriland Myon is the yukkuri, which for a number of reasons on OYP is tagged as Youmu.
If you want to tag the ghost you should use "hanrei", either as a character or a general tag.
I know it's harder to remember and search than "myon", but if you look at the various translated comics, Youmu is always called "Myon", so searching for "myon" ought to result in posts with the Youmu yukkuri.

redtails said:

Hm Okay. What's the origin of hanrei?

It's the "half-phantom" part of the Konpaku Youmu.
A few yukkuri comics have Myon (the yukkuri) find some kind of cloth or equivalent and call it "hanrei". The first one I can think of right now is pool #1912 (in the very first page too!)

A more in-depth source:

She belongs to the subspecies of phantoms called the "half-human half-phantoms" (半人半霊 "hannin hanrei" or "hanjin hanrei"). Half-human half-phantoms are the mixed-race of phantoms and humans (幽霊と人間のハーフ), which have a largish phantom accompanying them and a relativity long life span compared to humans. The phantom that always follows them is called the "half-phantom" (半霊、半幽霊 hanrei, hanyuurei), and they are the other half of their body.