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Garbage and trash

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The bulk update request #48 has been rejected.

create alias stray -> gutter_trash

According to wiki, "gutter trash" is another term for "stray" yukkuri, who in cities tend to congregate in the gutters.
So that means they are basically the same, thus there is no reason to keep both of them.

Edit: I pressed the "Request alias/implication" and wrote from there, I don't know why my suggestion appeared inside this post.
Edit 2: now I know why... Apologize to admins and @redtails, could you delete this for me @EasyV, thanks

EDIT: The bulk update request #48 (forum #14194) has been rejected by @EasyV.

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It's fine, it's still trash.
Really don't bother with the formalities, try to watch out before you press submit, but once you are done leave it be, don't make a new request.