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technically a 4koma is (machine) recognizable in an image file, as it's a clearly defined structure of a comic, which makes it a general tag rather than a meta tag.

a meta tag is something about the image which is not a recognizable shape or form, such as whether there's translation_available , which is defined by the presence of notes on top of an image

though I don't mind either way.

It's probably better to keep general tags for visible objects or behaviour and meta tags for descriptions of the structure of the illustration or similar.
Thus it's ok to put stuff like 4koma or video there, since they describe not the content but the structure, while tags like non_violent are general tags.
I'd actually prefer to put non_violent, family_friendly, abuse and violence in a separate category to make them more prominent, but I don't know how to create new categories.

I don't think danbooru allows creating new categories. the 4 categories are actual fields in the database

redtails said:

I don't think danbooru allows creating new categories.

We're not using danbooru though ;)
With enough willpower we can bolt on anything.