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Another useful tag? (Of yukkuris living together)

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Is there a tag for a group of yukkuris living together? Whether it’s in the cities, the Forrests, or in the gutters. A yukkuri “herd” or “community” are the kind of stories more than few gravitate too. This website is overwhelmingly abyuse, and it’s really hard to wade through so many stories just to find ones for these particular interests.

There are family-friendly tags, and definitely abuse tags, but not a lot of “neutral” tags slanted for these types of stories. For example, observation-type stories, technical breeding, etc...

I’m mostly wondering if there are some interests in these tags (been wondering since someone raised the “non-abuse” tag issue)

As a rule of thumb, if it does not exists you make it.
If it's then discovered to be a duplicate with a different name (like a synonim of an existing tag), it's easy to merge them after the fact, so don't worry and tag freely as you see fit.

if it not family friendly then it is not family friendly. Yukkuris humping is not family friendly regardless of how it is depicted