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Story: Little Marisa is a Troublemaker

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A week ago I picked up a couple of Yukkuris from the pet shop, Im not a person whos fond on pets of any kind, but if you are going to go to the doctor, you must follow up his instructions, otherwise better stay home.
After talking and some minor medical exams, the experienced doctor (I would not dare consult a young one) meditaded for some seconds and then look at me saying: “I think is stress… do not get me wrong, maybe your working routing has slowly affected your body, and we all age someday, with that the body needs more rest” I laugh now and then of the ridiculous conclusion, but as I said before…

I told the pet shop clerk about the situation, and clearly stated that I did not wanted an animal that would not understand a word I said, cause in my house everything goes by my rules (old friends make jokes about that being the reason of not finding a wife, but theyre just not taking life seriously).

After presented to me this animal so called “Yukkuri”, the clerk corrected the little beast and then it showed a smile and greeted me properly, saying god knows what, I was fascinated by the fact that this little creatures could behave as a normal salaryman. After asking some questions to the clerk, I found out that the Yukkuris I saw that day were the result of a disciplinary process, all Yukkuris are requested to greet properly the customers with a huge smile, the ones that do not show a rightful beheavour inmidiatly lose the right to wear a so called “Accesory”, and with that, the rest of the animals refuse it as a part of their group (nobody wants a troublemaker, it seems that the well beheaved ones understands that), and in solitary, they don’t get any food nor water, cause the main group does not share it with the bad seeds, and they eventually die, as nature takes its course.

With such a natural way of living, I found then, that Yukkuris where the perfect animal to follow doctors orders, I only wanted one but the clerk was insistent that for every Mariela there was a Regina, he even made a good offer which I took, and so I became the owner of two domesticated animals in order to relieve my stress.

After a tight packing, the clerk wave goodbye with a smile on his face, he must have been proud about a good sale, a job well done. With all this “doctor orders” I forgot to do my home chores, ashamed of myself, I modyfied my day schedule and delay my home arrive for three and a half hours. Remembering the tight packing, I was not afraid to lose my recently purchased merchandise, Im glad that I went to that pet shop, Ill remember it for a next occasion.

Finally, as I was walking towards the front door, I started unwrapping and take a look inside the box, I was highly disappointed of the view, each one of this “Yukkuris” was quietly but annoyingly crying at a different corner of the box, inside the box was something like a sheet of papper that served as a toilet, which was used but not everytime, the foul view was certainly… not good for my mood, I thought of making a formal complain back at the store, but I did took my time coming back home, and the clerk did a good job with the packing. On the other hand, the little pair of beast have just been adopted… my mother will be mad in heaven but I will let this one go, forgive me mother, just this one time.

Before reaching the main door, theres one step stair, which I found perfect, I stoped and tryied to put the Yukkuris on the floor, but my old back could not let it happen, so I made the Yukkuris take a little jump (I thought it was an oportunity to check their fitness), a bad new crossed my eyes when I realized the Yukkuris did not have a good condition, they couldn’t take the jump and apparently got hit when they fell, they screamed “Yubi” and later they “Yuen”, when the later happened, I cleared my through and they became quiet but still crying, then I welcome them:
“Mariela, Regina, today is a very important day, I welcome you to my home, I welcome you in the hope that one day it becomes your home as well, that will be the day you Mariela and you Regina feel the responsibility and pride of having a home, all from the bottom of your hearts…”.
My speech was interrupted with more crying, I felt terrible of such a horrible company, then one of them said:

“Yueeeeen, Marisa is not Mariela, Marisa is Marisa, Yueeeeeen, Yueeeeeen…”

A great disrespect is to change your name, the name your parents gave to you, but… does it means they accepted me as their new owner? Haha, what a wonderful new, with that I gave them a cheer and let them inside, Marisa and the other one that called herself “Reimu” (I wonder why, such strange name, did it read it on a book?).

As I show them around, the little pair was a light of emotion, they didn’t said a word until we reached the living room “what an easy place, happiness!!” I was going to get sad, but then I remembered that this is their first time here, today is for learning, so I said “Marisa, Reimu, this place and this house is not, and hear me well, is not an easy place, you will treat this home with the respect it deserves and never ever again call it –easy place-, and that is rule numer one”.

Cold sadness went through their bodies, as I watch them I remember how my mother educated me, she wouldn’t let a little “feeling” get in the way of a prosper growing, I as a proud son shall follow her example, so I took advantage of the situation and lecture them the set of rules this wonderful home admire.

I have to accept that it was a hard cold september day, after lecturing them, I made them a little room by the toolshed in the garden, with a toilet for them to use and a bed for them to rest, before sending them to bed I gave them a meal called “Sorenari”, that was sold to me by the pet shop, sadly the Yukkuris did not seem to enjoy it, and I cant blame them, today has been a hard day. As I left them to sleep I heard the cries for their parents “Mwooomy, Dwaaady, Marisa wants to take it –unhearable-…Yueeeen, Yueeeen, Yueeeeen…” if theyre thinking of their parents I making a good job, Im gonna give them some privacy.

The next day the Yukkuris were more relaxed, sign that shows everything is going properly. Before they awoke, I serve them food next to their room, if they didn’t awoke soon, the food might spoil, that’s a responsibility to learn. Then I got a terrible new, a call from work, my associate and boss was in the hospital, and the office unattended, I told him to worry about his health and let all work to me, so I left my vacation days behind and resume my obligations. While heading for the door, I saw the Yukkuris finished their meal, I felt happy cause they did not let it spoil, I walked to the garden and told them the situation, they said “Have a good hunting mister human!” hahaha, I know todays suit is green but its not camuflage, and a good night thinking of their parents remember them good manners, so they called me “mister human” haha… “Yukkuris, I, am a gentleman, take good care of the home” “take it…” “wait, I forgot, Im gonna be late today, if I leave the food can you serve yourselves?” “---“ As I left the Yukkuris went around the food box like a new toy.

When I arrived home, late at night, I was very worry about the Yukkuris, did they learn a good beheaviour?
As I entered there was a lot of peace in the house, the Yukkuris saw me inside and were watching me with a loose smile, I opened the window door and talked to them:
“Good night, how did you do today? Was it hard to look ever the house by yourselves?” “mister human, theres nothing to worry about, Yukkuris found happiness… mister human, theres no need to come to Marisas eaje house ze, Marisa will take care of everything, you should take it easy…(unhearable) go away ze” “take it easy? Haha there no way with so much to do… ok, that’s a deal, Ill take a good care of you when work calms down, goodnight”.
I felt so happy, only a day and the Yukkuris have settle in and doing their house chores. For me, I need to sleep.

Today is Sunday, after early morning mass, I am home full of energy and blesses to do all the house work I havent been able to do, tough is not much, the house is pretty much clean since its been alone. Yukkuris seems to be doing well, there were days that I forgot even to feed them cause of the hurry, but when I came back they said that everything was ok, and that they ate mister bugs and bitter mister grass… polite and resourceful, Im felt relax already then.

As I finish the morning housework, I decided to pay Yukkuris a little visit at their “eaje” home, as I was walking towards it, I heard a loud and heartbroking “Yueeeeeeen”, as I ran to the Yukkuris, I found little Reimu was running in my direction, with little Marisa behind, a tragedy struck, it seems that they were playing and Reimus braid tore apart, the Yukkuri was screaming and crying, blaming little Marisa for what happened. I don’t know if the blaming is the result of a childish conduct or if it happened to be Marisas fault, but at the moment there was no time to find out, and Marisa did ran after Reimu.

I put Reimu in a garden table and told it not to move, I checked my medical books and found the procedure to close Yukkuri wounds, as an anestetic, the book said to use something sweet, and while the Yukkuri is under its effects use a small fire to close the wound. So I took my lighter, a tool and menthol tobacco.

At the table, Reimu was still screaming and Marisa was under the table, I gave the Yukkuri tobacco but refused, so I made it take it “The first time can be difficult, but its as relaxing as you are, and its menthol, the way you like it, haha” suddenly the Yukkuri stopped struggling, before she was babbling god only knows what, but now everythings peace, time to start the procedure, give me a cheer little Marisa under the table.

As I used the tool, to avoid infections, I know little Reimu has a nice look but its an animal after all, I realized that if I used fire on the hair, it will all burn…as I rapidly think of the solution, cause I couldn’t let the effects of the narcotic pass, I realize that I could apply heat from the inside, it was brilliant, so I used the tool to open it mouth, repress every nerve on me that wanted to inmidiatly give that foul mouth a good old wash, and focus on the medical operation, the mouthwash can come later… I wish my hand were younger, cause I could hold everything as I should, the operation was a success, but the tool, it was hard to hold and the braid ended up a little lower, but Im sure little Reimu will understand, and once she recovers her health I can repeat the operation to fix it, it will be done properly next time cause I will be able to make preparations… anyway, with the braid reattached, I gave little Reimu a second dose on menthol tobacco and let her rest… “Yueeeeen! Yueeeeen! Mister human killed Reimu ze!!! Yueeeeen!” oh, the ignorance of the youth “Little Marisa, I need you to understand that this is a medical procedure and thet you must stay quiet and relaxed in order to help the patient…” “Yueeeeen, Mwoooomy, Dwaaaady, Yueeeeeeeen, Yueeeeeeeeeen!” “Marisa, do not bother your parents with your indiscipline” “Mister Human get away easy, Yueeeeen” at the sad scene, I remember how the clerk back at the shop used to remove their accessories as a test for the Yukkuri, so I took a big breath and did such “Marisa eaje eaje haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddd, gwibe id bwaaaaaack! Yueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennn!” “I shall not respond to such childish manners” then the Yukkuri went crying to their room, hopefully to meditate on their actions, just like I did once when I was young…

I clean the table and tools and took little Reimu back to their room, she was very sedated, the second dose must be doing its effects. I don’t think Marisa has finished thinking of her misconduct, so Im gonna make a new bed for Reimu and later check her out… as I left Reimu, I realized that little Marisa has been through something very traumatic, sure Reimu was the patient, but she was sedated, and Marisa saw it all, that and the guilt for the accident can lead to very bad thoughts and feelings, I shall give Marisa a rightful and meaningful guide in this very difficult times…

My heart has just broken… the door of the toolshed faces my neighbour house, so I never saw the Yukkuris room from the house, I was so busy, and Marisa said that everything was ok, that Yukkuris found happiness, curse you…

Yukkuris room is a den of the devil, if hell welcomes me after 5 minutes of staying here I would not be surprised, the pride, honor and responsibility I thought Yukkuris had learnt… the bed was like a toilet, all around was like a toilet, and the toilet completely unused, trash everywhere… why would my heart broke after so caveman manners?... little Reimus ribbon completely cover in waste… from here I can see they gave a little visit, several little visits to my neighbour and friends house, how Im going to respond now after so many years of heartwarming salutes… the home and food I gave them completely unused, cover in waste… “Marisa, what is the meaning of this?” “Yuuuuuuuuuguuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Uneasy mister human, drop dead easy, drop dead easy!.... Yuguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!! Dont do hurt-hurt to wonderful Marisa, Im getting mad ze! Mister human is going to take it easy forever ze! But before Marisa is going to let eat this stinky ze! Eat it eaje ze! Then drop dead eaje ze!”

The rest is history, and Im not going to the doctor ever again.


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I've already mentioned them in post #41573 where this was originally posted.

When this was reposted here in the forums, I was expecting this story to be corrected for typos and grammar. I see some spelling errors were corrected, but the format as it stands right now still makes it hard to read for casual viewers. It's the little things like this that make some details of the story easy to miss, like the fact that the localized names were used (Mariela for marisa, and Regina for reimu) were an actual plot point.

Of course, the disjointed narrative might be intentional in your part, since it does seem to be a reflection of the anon narrator's state of mind.

All in all, a well-done story.

by the time I finish Im already tired... thats why some mispells are left until I get the time and notice later, if I get the time. if anybody see a mispell, correct it in your minds pls.

the structure of the story was made like that on purpose, it is "hard" to read and you do need Yukkuri knowledge, which Im sure you all have, cause I dont bother explaining details, example:

-Sorenari: so-so Yukkuri meal that does not spoil taste buds.

-Tobacco to Yukkuri: it will kill the Yukkuri.

-The main character is very hard minded, but at the same time educated and polite, its very difficult to have an intimate relation with him, but Yukkuris lived in the garden. He doesnt know how Yukkuris really are nor their wonderful communication ways (Hes not even able to hear the whole sentence when Yukkuri speaks).

-The narrator is the main character, hes kind of an english gentleman, so the Yukkuri names are very weird to him, which causes the Yukkuri uneasiness.

-When Yukkuris say mister, he thinks theyre being polite, but theyre just being Yukkuri.

The drawing and title are based on the wonderful "Marisa Little Troublemaker" story.
The drawing was initially just bully little Marisa and Reimu, cause anon thinks theyre troublemakers (dont know why).

miiiii said:
-Sorenari: so-so Yukkuri meal that does not spoil taste buds.

-Tobacco to Yukkuri: it will kill the Yukkuri.

(Hes not even able to hear the whole sentence when Yukkuri speaks).

-The narrator is the main character, hes kind of an english gentleman, so the Yukkuri names are very weird to him, which causes the Yukkuri uneasiness.

-When Yukkuris say mister, he thinks theyre being polite, but theyre just being Yukkuri.

Sorenari is a Japanese term and is extremely rare in this community.

Tobacco typically isn't considered to be lethal for yukkuris.

You didn't state that.

All language barriers are assumed null and void unless otherwise stated.

You didn't state that.