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Privileged member request!

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JusticeItEasy said:
If she does suffer that, it would be nobody else's but your fault, since just because it's a "-instert artist here-" yukkuri that doesn't mean they'll face suffering by default, it all depends of the owner.

So young man you better take responsability of your pets instead of using the old excuse of "it's not my fault! it's a "artistname" yukkuri! She was going to end like that anyway" or i'll have to confiscate any yukkuri in your possesion!

Young lady. But good point.

dexter said:
I would like to do some soft translations.

thats all.

am I missing out on the process of becoming a privileged member?

Poweryoga probably just hasn't checked in yet. We are always grateful for any contributions.

@dexter: Well, as a show of good will (part of the reason we're having this approval process is because we've had some vandalism in the past), you could post soft translations for stuff in comments as we've done before the times of the new booru set up. Plus, with them appearing in the comments, that doubles the chances yoga takes notice.


I am afraid I don't know any japanese.

I do however know how to make soft translations- as long as I have translations in the comment box.

not very useful I realize, but it would certainly make reading some of the older works more fun for me/everyone

Oh, my apologies. I misunderstood. Well, I guess for now just sit tight. Maybe favorite up some of the ones you want to soft translate so that you have them organized once your status gets changed.

And we do appreciate the effort (or desire there of!)

T1G said:
I wanna nominate ThatOneGuy for contrib as he is an artist and thus can upload his own work without hassle.

Seconding this. You should totally upgrade him to contributor status

Somehow, it took me this long to realize that I ought to try resetting my password to regain access to my account following the changeover. Silly me.

Anyway, I'd like to start contributing translation notes, which I can't do without Privileged access.

Can I have some of that note-making powers? I know some basic Japanese and would like to contribute translations.

I can read chinese, both traditional and simplified ones.
I think I can contribute by translating those.

When I get my old account back, I'd like to have privileged member access so I can edit tags, notes, pools, parent & child, etc. while browsing.

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