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Privileged member request!

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I would like to throw my hat in the ring for tagging stuff and maybe uploading down the road a bit may I have a privileged account?

poweryoga said:
If you're a member and not a privileged member and you'd like to help edit tags and upload and such, please post here.


By "edit tags" do you mean adding tags to a picture? That's why I created an account, so if that's the case, I'd like to be privileged please.

So, I've noticed how many stories have the translation chunked into the comments section, and was wondering if I could get a privileged account to place them in translation notes on the image.


randomhaxofkindness said:
May I have a privileged account? I'm working on translation edits and I'm running into upload limits and can't add to pools or re-tag errors.

Vouching for randomhaxofkindness. (Surprised he doesn't have privileged status yet.)

FunkSoulBrother said:
I'd like to help out as well, so please give me privileged status. :-)

Wait, you don't? You've been a great contributor, you should have it by now.

Skribulous said:
Wait, you don't? You've been a great contributor, you should have it by now.

Well, the truth is, I kinda forgot to ask about it. xD
I only just noticed 'Wait, I don't have privileges? D'oh!'


Da, I can do tagings however posts and notes I can't so um yea I will be waiting in Mother Russia so contact me if you want and if you want to become part of Mother Russia then that will be great da. *evil smile*

Hello, I'd like to request Privileged Member status for the purpose of tagging and translating several works.

Thanks in advance.

tl;dr (for the most part of this thread)

I've been around here for a while, and I decided that I occasionally want to translate a few stories, so may I be permissed to?

I've been lurking a while and finally made an account for the purpose of being able to tag stuff like #54901 . I'm basically requesting privileged member status to tag posts.

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