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Reimu & Marisa parfait

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danogoat said:
someone make yukkuri muffins already!

But how to decorate? Just drawing a face on it seems kinda boring. Maybe chocolate shaped accessories on top of the creamcheese frosting?

But the muffin is kinda weird shaped. So if you make some yellow frosting (marisa's hair) and a shaped witch's hat, you'd basically have to have the "face" on the side of the muffin, the side with all the ridges.

Decorating the side of a muffin seems kinda... weird, to say the least. Cookies would be easier to play with.

Oh! I got it! Upside down the muffin, perhaps, and put the hat on the part of the muffin with the ridges!

And then the part at the bottom will be roundish!

...but it wouldn't stand up right though. :(

Making the witch's hat is easy, but I think getting the "face" is the hard part. I'm no skilled carver, but even I know trying to carve a muffin is like trying to make a statue out of bubbles.

So plan is:

1) bake delicious muffins
2) make witch's hat
3) draw ugly face with frosting.
4) Eat (yukkuri) muffins for breakfast for 6 days


oh no. Muffins never go anywhere. They go right into your thighs or belly. They stay there forever until you run 3 miles. Per muffin.

poweryoga said:


No, for each muffin you eat I become RICHER!

Your Economical Loss becomes my PROFIT!


Don't ask me how that work the plan for some reason had a "????" as one of it's steps, but IT WORKS!

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