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Yukkuri Group Role Play Story is now Starting!

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I need practice in drawing Yukkuris in varied situations and poses, so I'm going to start a yukkuri group rp comic. Everyone is invited to join in and play!

For those that are unfamiliar with the format, it's more or less a Choose Your Own Adventure comic, in real time. I will put up a picture and a description of the situation. You will then get to control a "protagonist" yukkuri by leaving comments as to what you want the yukkuri to do.

I will then draw a new picture and a description of what happened as a result of the actions you posted in comments, and so on, and so forth.


One comment will be picked at random from everyone's comments as the course of action to be taken. I reserve the right to ignore blatantly suicidal actions, such as 'climb to the top of a hill and jump off' or 'take a 30 minute swim in the river' or 'go play in traffic'. There's some leeway in suicidal actions allowed, if they have a possible (yukkuri logic) end goal, such as threatening Mister Human with a sharp stick for sweet sweets, or attacking a Remilia to defend Little Ones.

Each picture will be up for at least 24 hours before an action for comments is chosen, to give everyone a chance to see the picture (assuming you log on at least once per 24 hours).

For the sake of decreasing comment bloat, please only post ONE action you would like to take, per picture. If you post more than one action, none of your actions for that picture will be picked.

Please respond if you're interested in participating, so I can get a feel for how many people will be involved! :D

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ThatOneGuy said:
I don't know how involved I'll be. I'll probably pop in and throw in a few now and then.

The one day minimum is the least amount of time that a picture is open to new actions. The deadline is some period of time greater than 24 hours (whenever I feel like drawing the next picture) XD

I like your proposal, i hope to be able to provide ideas that will help you to improve your creative ability