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Raising Badged Yukkuris

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Take it easy everyone! While browsing the site, I noticed that I couldn't find anything related to the excellent series by hourai, "Raising Badged Yukkuris". I swear, I was moved by the ending (no tears, it's hard to get me to cry). So I have a proposition! If someone starts making good artwork of the series, then I will reward them with lots of munch-munch! Not really, but I have about 49.00$ (don't ask why it's not 50). If you haven't read it yet, here's a link

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I actually tried to draw this and have it be my first submission here but as people can see that never happened and probably for the best.

Wow thanks for bringing that story up, it was an awesome read. Is there other stories like it? Generally most of what I have seen from anko's is short story about creative ways of killing some yu's (that deserve it in most cases), there have only been a few that were an interesting read and I would go back and read again. Those being this one, the one with the spicy reimu and coffe alice, and that other one with anon raising a bunch of ko's from a patchouli.