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IMPORTANT!!! Making progress!

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Mielle told me that the first build of our game may be ready in a few days. Mind you this is the first build, not the actual game that we will be releasing to let you guys play, it is what lets us see what works and what doesn't. So we are getting there but we are still not quite there.

We are using "Unity" to make the game. I am talking about the program of course.

Mielle and EndEarth are both working hard on the programing for the game.

Mariodante is busy taking a lot of classes but does what he can despite this.

I am discussing different aspects of the game with the other members.

However, we intend to make this a more complex yukkuri game that will allow both yukkuri love and abuse, this means that it will take us a while to make this game, especially if we only have four members.

Basically what I am saying is that it would be nice for us if we could have more members.

Artists are something we NEED! We have no designated artist, and we are currently using placeholders. Because we intend to make this a large game we will likely need several artists.

We also need people who can handle sound, since we intend to at least have music in our game. It has not been decided if we will have sound effects or voices, but I personally dislike the yukkuri voices that I have heard in games, however we solve things democratically so if the others want to put in voices then the voices will be put in. We have nobody working on sound so far.

Testers is also something we have none of. Simply put your job would be to play the current version of the game (still currently working on it), and tell us if you like it, as well as any problems that you encountered, and tell Mielle and EndEarth about them. Also you would give us suggestions as to how to improve different parts of the game. I understand that this part may not sound like much fun but it is important and those who do will be able to help influence the way the game turns out.

Here is the link to the group,!forum/yukkuri-raising-sim

We are currently voting on whether or not we should have this game be open source or not.


Ah which code are you using in engine C+, Java? I myself have been tinkering with Unity for some time and would be happy to help test.

It would be wet dream inducing if we could get kiriraitaa to do the art. Is there anyone who knows japanese that could get in contact with him?

If not, I nominate mister danogoat.

Bystander I am actually unsure which code we are using in Unity, I have no talent in programing so Mielle and EndEarth are handling it, and all I know is that we are using Unity. We would be happy to have you on the team I'm not sure if we we have enough game for you to test yet but you could always leave suggestions on the group. Just post a comment on the "Want to join?" topic saying you want to be a tester. I look forward to working with you.

YukkurisMustDie, I strongly agree with you, kiriraitaa or danogoat would be absolutely perfect artists since they manage to both able to make adorable but abusable yukkuri, on top of both being great artists. I don't know if anyone on the team speaks Japanese though, so danogoat would probably be easier, I think that make me sound like a jerk though . danogoat is likely busy I would be great to have him on the team. I normally wait for people to volunteer so I think I will ask the rest of the team before I start begging danogoat or kiriraitaa to join us. Oh and you have posted your name on the group YMD! Your soul belongs to the group! Well not really, but we would like you to occasionally give us your feedback or have you tell us what you would like the game to have or be like.

The few scripts that I have written are in C#. It's going kind of slow; I'm trying to get them done right the first time.

That is fine it is better for you to take your time making sure that it works, rather then rushing then trying to figure out which part of the scrip the problem is in.

Alright I will do so. I feel silly for forgetting K.I.S.S though, my old teachers told me about it too. I guess I got over excited...