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poweryoga said:
we can manually request them here in a thread instead of using the functionality.

Which thread should we use if we want to avoid flooding the forums with tag alias requests?

Oh and I manually merged the "chensaw" and "mister_chainsaw" tags into just "chainsaw".

I also merged the "nail" tag into the "pin" tag. Taggers weren't differentiating between the two (thats obviously either a stake or a nail and not a pin : post #12286 )

Updated by EasyV

"artist___posman" and "artist___Posman" tags also need to be merged

And should we have separate tags for "gag" "ring_gag" and
"ball_gag" or should we merge them?

I've noticed that if you write "artist:name" it also changes to red and shows the name. Shold we change all the tags of "artist:___name" to "artis:name" ?

Yeah, I was wondering why extra people hadn't been drafted in to help as it'd make things a lot quicker... I'm all up for it once you figure it out too.

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