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YFT contest 2013 - with prize!

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HankySpank said:

I got this bros! This weekend! This weekend...

Yes! Yes! You can do it!

No punishment for Dano... this time.
When the contest will be over I'll post a story of mine dedicated to him, to reward him for his availability.

It's never too late to start contributing!

It's coming along nicely! Hopefully my obnoxious writing style won't prevail over what I believe to be at the very least an entertaining concept.

*Don... don...*
Do you hear the baleful bell ringing?
The contest is slowly coming to an end... up until now the story posted were from Poweryoga (out of competition), Baron Mind, Cloudrunner62 and Saline.
They are chapters rather than complete stories but I think it's more than fine.
Still, it's not too late to post something!

Wait what? Chapters count?

My last chapter sucked... I had a short story I was going to put up but it doesn't look like I'll be able to finish it on time. orz

Well if you both need some little time I don't see any reason why we shouldn't posticipate the deadline.
Two weeks more!
Then, we'll end it.

danogoat said:
Such pitiful writers...

Maybe nobody wants one of danogoat's uneasy and lewd kuroretical pics as prize! *shrugs*

Now seriously, I just really can't write the damn thing and it pisses me off, the ideas are there but not how to write them or connect them properly it's just fucking weird...

danogoat said:
Such pitiful writers...

It'll be worth it, I promise! Dwon't pwunish!

I'm writing... a western! Inspired by an abandoned downtown area out in the sticks where I live.

Well... Its been the 5th already and I dont see anything that i would consider to be the "winner" so I guess Ill do an oldie story illustration. Please choose your favourite.

I'd rather enjoy something from yukkuri of war depicting the super-Dosu breaking thru the mountain with all the flocks of flying yukkuri on it.

Three days have passed, I think we can call it over.
As Dano says I don't think we can call a winner this time... in any case thanks to everyone who contributed (namely Poweryoga, Baron Mind, Cloudrunner62 and Saline) for making YFT a better place.
Thanks also to anyone who expressed their will to partecipate nevertheless!
@Dano: I'll post my story on the 26th, if you care.

I actually want to illustrate a short story from the short story thread. pls choose from there.

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