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How to draw a good yukkuri abusing comic?

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I just dont know how to do it.

Every time it seemed no matter how i improved my drawing skill or tried to change my drawing style of yukkuri, i just couldn't get much response.

Is there anything I can do to improve my yukkuri abusing works? How can I satisfy yukkuri abusrs here?

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Do people have problems with breaking some "yukkuri canon rules" in stories. Like once I think that I read in some wiki that Komachi yukkuris are very rare or maybe there is only one yukkuri of this kind alive. So a story with a lot of Komachis would let someone angry?

All stories will make SOMEONE angry. It's just how the world works. That being said it must be balanced with also writing a story the way you want to write it. There's no sense in appeasing the masses if it removes your own vision.

As far as practical advice on breaking canon rules, all rules can be bent or broken safely (usually) so long as you provide IN-STORY JUSTIFICATION for it. A great story that's an example of this is the Yukkuri of War series by Poweryoga. He breaks canon like mad and turns Yukkuris into creatures which are capable of destroying military tanks in 1v1 battles. Within the scope of his story yukkuris are responsible for the death of thousands, if not tens of thousands of human beings.

But because he provides an in-story explanation and justification, people accepted it. Whereas if he just plunked the paradigm down with no explanation or reason, it might have made people go 'wtf' more.

So if you want to write a story about many Komachis, and you feel that it might be unpopular because it goes against canon, you can soften that somewhat by having an explanation for the many Komachis. Like they're a product of an intensive breeding program by the Factory. Or they are a hidden enclave of Komachis that keep apart from all other yukkuris. Or they were cloned by a mystical portal. Something.

Depends on what type of abuse story you're looking for.

Are you looking to abuse shitheads, or pet yukkuris, or nature abuse, or whatnot... make sure the story and justification fits. Cute yukkuris always helps as well.

Your question is kind of vague, so we don't have much to go off on unfortunately.

Your art is great, I see no problem there.

Obviously the only solution is to draw more comics... a lot is okay...

I can't manage it, even if I had even rudimentary drawing skills. Kiri pulls it off well, it's a delicate mixture of cuteness/stupidity/innocence soured by some delicious abuse and then more moe-ness to make the abuse sting extra hard.