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May 3.

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Yukkuri restaurants, an empty trend?

“I think “Yukkuri cuisine” is a pompous term to use, as you see there aren’t many recipes made with Yukkuri as basic element, most of them are variations of known dishes using yukkuri filling instead of the original ingredients. “ - Takehiro Kato 26, owner of Kato’s underground.

Kato’s underground is an interesting place, located in a subway station from the Ginza line, is a big room between the passenger zone and the service tunnels, the furniture… I’m sure Kato got those for free in some dumpster.

But in a restaurant the most important thing is the food, Kato’s have good food, quick, fresh, delicious food. The fried chicken with black bean paste sauce, Cow tires with black pepper and red bean paste, and the infamous three meats spice casserole.

“The other locals than sell Yukkuris as a part of their menu are abuser clubs, or bakeries as cheap sweets, well there is some ice cream shop in Akihabara that make miracles, you need to try their Patchouli coffee special, and the cherry Alice’s crêpe”

During the night Kato spoke about the advantages of using yukkuri as ingredient, they have a malleable flavor, if you add herbs to their diet the paste will acquire the flavor of the herbs. And them the disadvantages, yukkuri are delicate, if you abuse them, the paste will harden creating calluses and ruining the texture.

After some beers, enough to be officially drunk, me and my guide found ourselves, singing “Born to be wild” in the karaoke in front of a bunch of Japanese girls with blue hair and cat ears, with some salarymans cheering us during the act of self deprecation.

Another day of work at the Sasquatch Enquirer.

The complete interview with Kato will be in the paper edition from July fifteen.

Jack Reeves.

Drunken and taking it easy in Tokyo.

The three meats spice casserole is like the Pumpkin Stew, but cooking the meat inside of a Meiling.

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I have this idea since i saw the Anko 4918 image, and a little marathon of No Reservations. Feedback is welcome.

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