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After taking a look in some pages, my checklist:

(x) Abuse
(x) Crying moe
(x) Mutants
(x) Hentai
(x) Cuteness
(x) Fanfics
(x) Poo-poo
(x) Red Blood

It is almost 'like' OYP :O

starshine said:
And eyeballs. And teeth and tongues. And sometimes the paste is pretty red.

Don't forget about peni-penis

JusticeItEasy said:
I always said it, it's because of yukkuris are foodstuffs that we have many people, incluiding myself, who usually aren't fan of gore but they are fine with yukkuri works.

But people are edible, too!

FunkSoulBrother said:
But people are edible, too!

Foodstuff is prepared and processed from edible stuff, Edible is just "it can be eaten and digested." no need for preparing or processing. Though edible stuff can be made into foodstuff but again, "preparing and processing".

Basically talking cake vs talking animal.
The talking cake is foodstuff, the talking animal is edible.

starshine said:
Not knocking abuse here, just pointing out that "oh yukkuri stuff isn't really gore" is a bit of a stretch.

It's not a "it's not really gore" case and more like "It's a form of it closer to the cartoon violence we can tolerate because of materials lowering the blow".

Again Naughty Bear vs Manhunt, you do horrible stuff to the bears that is easily in the level of Manhunt but the material of the bears lowers the blow a lot.



Can't help but suspect smucks bait, it probably isn't but man I can't help but suspect something.


JusticeItEasy said:
Can't help but suspect smucks bait, it probably isn't but man I can't help but suspect something.

It's no schmuck bait, not at all.
In fact, it's so tame I'm kinda shocked.
There are more flash files than just this and they're all pretty harmless. The "worst" would be the Interactive Fillys, which contains tiny fluffies that occasionally drop comically oversized turds, but that's it.
You can't even kill the fluffies in the Pet Shop/Fluffyarium game.


Yeah I finally dared and yeah that flash was tame and nice.
I think I'm just being too paranoid in general, specially based on fandoms...

Being The Great Inquisitorial Judge of the Heavens is tiredsome, kuro...

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