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What kind of drawing tablet do you use?

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I too have a Bamboo, which I actually haven't used in like 2 years, but I think it's a perfectly fine entry-level tablet.

poweryoga said:
I have bamboo... it's good enough if you don't want to spend $200 for a nice tablet to draw yukkuris.

yufufu... its not like dosu's drawings are worth a dime...

I have an Intuos. Like everyone else said, Bamboo is a pretty good starter tablet. Just remember a tablet does not a good artist make.

Everyone likes bamboo, it seems.

Fly said:
Just remember a tablet does not a good artist make.

I wouldn't call myself a good artist by any stretch of the imagination. :p

I'm just hoping my mouse drawing skill transfer over to stylus at this point and I don't have to relearn alot of stuff.

it's pretty different actually. For one you can use something other than paint, so you can take advantage of the pressure sensitivity. It's also more natural so anything you can do in paint, you can do on a stylus better.

The closest to a demo you can get is probably a droid tablet at a best buy or a phone store. Play with a galaxy note or note 10.1 and try out the S-Pen, it has a few degrees of sensitivity.