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Okay, what about the yukkuri factory game? Is there a javascript/.jar file for it anywhere online?

there were several attempts. Nells' is probably the most complete one. The other ones were all incomplete or development has ceased.

Already posted this as a comment on one of the pictures but,

I'm working on writing up a guide to the menus and whatnot, since the game itself is untranslatable due to the lack of external text files I can upload it if you'd like.
The only thing directly translatable to the ingame is Marisa's speech, which is a nightmare because of the slurs, onomatopoeia and slang.

If anybody would like to help with correcting/adding to my doc id be very appreciative

Hey BaronMind.  Yeah, I just checked and it looks like you're right. Maybe its a framework for a future update, or possibly just a reference, either way I hope to translate the unique lines and add them to the document I'm working on at some point to serve as a quick reference.
Generally once you see a line once its pretty easy to associate it with the translation, even if you don't know Japanese, so I think it could still be useful.
On an unrelated note, is there anyway to boost the resolution, or set it to fullscreen? Some of the kanji are literal specs on my screen and i'm stuck guessing on others because I can't see half the radical.

Anyway, here's what I have done so far, its very rough but I hope it helps someone, feel free to update/correct it and reupload it here or anywhere else youd like! I left it as an RTF so anyone can open it in wordpad and you don't have to worry about any sneaky files in a RAR or zip.


Changelog .14 ->1.16
]Made it neater
]Added table of contents
]Setup for SimYukkuri section
]Added subtle-sass
]Download links and pictures
Changelog .12->.14
]Fixed spelling errors
]Fixed my deplorable grammar
]Removed some sass
]Added translated dialog (Step 1)
]Added acknowledgements
]Fixed formatting
]Extended gameplay tips
]Removed kanji that were rendered as images for some reason
]Added download link
Changelog .12:
]I converted it to PDF so it can be viewed in browser, added ``````a couple of gameplay tips and a useful links section.
]Fixed a few spelling errors and replaced some romaji with ``````moon runes for easier identification.
]Added romaji to most moon.
Changelog .11:
]Fixed spelling errors
]Gave Mawisa some cake
]Fixed a few mistakes


I'd probably be more help if I could actually play the game... ^_^;

All the screenshots I can find only show the main menu. Could you post some shots of the others, so I (or others who don't have the game) can help with reading?

Anyway, I did spot a few things:

Page 1

You have 高級(こうきゅう) as a picture for some reason?

Page 2

お世語 should be お世話(おせわ), which means "aid".

Page 4

The menu you don't know is アイテム設定 "item settings". The first "Kanjis and stuff" is 記録(きろく) "record" (save), and the second looks like 基本画面(きほん がめん) "base screen".

If you don't mind me asking, what's your issue with running the game? And thanks for the help, I'll be sure to fix and update the PDF when I get off work! Is really appreciate it if you could recheck all my kanji, I think I mentioned it earlier, but the game is minuscule for me so I'm kind of guessing on radicals.

It just says "Startup Error" and dies. Puff!

I only want to play it to read the runes, so no biggie for me. But it does make me rather usless as a translator. =(

Lets you run non unicode stuff, its basically a way of changing system locale for a single program. If its not an issue though, I'd highly recommend simply changing your system locale to Japan. Has no ill effects (besides your \ key being replaced with the symbol for the Yen in some programs, though not chrome, which is nice. It's generally a requirement to run most doujin games and considering this game is coded in Hot Soup Processor, which is designed purely for Japanese use, I wouldn't be surprised if it required locale to be set for the moon.

EDIT: Version 1.4 is up, please scroll up to get the new version, much improved da ze!


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