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Oh... uh, I have a Linux computer. But I know how to set the locale, when I didn't the error was in wingdings. =)

Anyway, about the PDF: looking good. Less sass was a good idea. ^_^ If you do figure out a way to make an English patch, poke me and I'll be happy to provide TL for the rest of Maricha's lines.

Oh linux... hehe.

Anyway, I updated the file alot, made it nice and pretty and prepped it for adding a SimYukkuri section. I'm going to see if I can find someone who speaks moon well enough to shoot a message to the developer and ask about the possibility of incorporating a translation, Mimisuke would be by first choice, but I don't know if he's very active anymore.

Yeah mimisukes version is, theres another, modded version where the menus are still in japanese (actually its in both, but the japanese menus have far more options than the english ones, it would probably just be quicker to fix the code honestly). Also, I figure ill just put in tips or tricks since there are a couple neat tricks in that game. I don't really plan on taking ten more pages haha.

I figured if he was around he might not mind writing translating/writing a message to the developer of the Marisa game. He posted on a photo awhile ago that he quite liked the Marisa game and it would only take him a few minutes.

And translating the modded version isn't really an issue, if I remember correctly it was 90% katakana and mostly a match for the unmodded version besides one or two new menus.

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