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So far, this is where you list the ideas for SIMYUKKURI only. Where supersmart coders will code it in... maybe, :'D

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Stalk Birth wouldn't be too difficult I think, but a couple of new sprites are needed.

Dolls idk

Siki Eiki, sure, just give me sprites and dialogue.

Meiling, Trash for food (just causes stress.), swapping accessories. Plugging up, (choice of Mamumamu/Anyaru), picture would just be a little wooden rod.
Mamumamu plug:
Reimu: "YUNYA-! Reimyu's precious virginity!"
"Weimu can't be a wife anymore!" "Why did you do dis? Is it because Weimu's so cute?"
Marisa: "Maricha's Virginity!" "Why did you to this to cute Maricha je!" "Maricha will punish shitty human for this je!"
Alice: "Alice's citycect mamumamu... WRY?!"
Pachy: "The sage's Viginity! You'll pay for this shitty human!" "Mukyu?!"
Remi: "UU!?"

Putting in:
Reimu: "Id hurds!" "What did you do shitty slave?!"
Marisa: "Anyaru! HURDS!" "Shitty slave take it out!"
Alice: "NHOOOO! Something's in Alice's city-sect anyaru!" "Shitty slave what did you do to alice's anyaru?!"
Pachy: "Mukyu it hurds!" "What did you do to the sage's sacred anyaru?!"
Remi: "UU?! Anyaru Hurds?!"

Reimu: "Poo-poo ishn't coming ouch?!"
Marisa: "Can't poo-poo je!"
ALice: "Poo-poo isn't being city-sect!"
Pachy: "Stupid poo-poo come ouch!"
Remi: "Poo-poo canch come ouch!?"

Oh! Maybe a temperature gauge? :'D
Very cold

To like, burn and freeze yukkuri?!
Very cold freezes to death
Boiling Burns to death
and cold/hot just causes stress? :'D

Ok, moving to this thread.

MAKING HYBRIDS CAN DROP DEAD EASY. So, what's in the pack:

- Patchy+Reimu
- Patchy+Wasareimu
- Patchy+Marisa
- Patchy+Remilia
- Patchy+Alice
- Remilia+Reimu
- Remilia+Wasareimu
- Remilia+Marisa
- Remilia+Patchy
- Remilia+Alice
- Garbage Food

All hybrids have an accessory-less variation. Just bodies though. For crushed, wait a bit. This took me quite a while. For faces, just drop the faces folder from the main yukkury fenotype (that is, for a Patchy+Reimu, drop the Patchy faces in). Tomorrow I'll work on (otheryukkuris)+Patchy and (otheryukkuris)+Remilia, the badges (because since they have to be accesory based is going to be a fuckton of opening files around), sealed lips and sealed anyaru. If I feel like it, stalk birth, but I would need some more details.

New yukkuri sprites are gonna have to wait a while. If only touching up the old ones is tedious, I won't make a new one until it is certain that everything BUT the sprites is implemented. There's always placeholders.

Now, without further ado, here's the file:

Give Alices the ability to city-sect coordinate;
Give Marisas the ability to hunt (side note: add insects/food that can be dragged like small rations);
Give Patchoulis books for them to sit on;
Give Reimus stalks so they can stand in awe at their perfect children;

Re-add Remis hunter behaviour if it isn't already back.

for sealed anyaru please use the filename shitsealed.png, it should be a modified copy of shit.png, as I already have placeholders in position for testing and all the coding is complete.

Hold off on badges, I'm going to see if i cant come up with a better way to implement them, but I think in the end they're going to have to be accessory based. To make things simpler though, just do a copy of accessory.png (the actual name varies based on the yukkuri) with a badge applied somewhere and name it badged.png I think its reasonable that if you took away an accessory you'd be taking away its badge as well, so I don't see a need to seperate them.

Remis hunter behavior isnt going to be readded as it was in the modded version, it was broken and completely destroyed any game it was used in. I'm going to implement a better version wherein Remi only hunts when shes hungry and focuses on babies (thus leaving the koyukkuri to grow up into adults and reproduce)

I wouldn't mind adding temperature controls, though it could certainly get a tad annoying when they're all yelling "CANCH CHAKE iD EAJY!" over and over... I'll have to mess with the gui for that though, which I'm loathe to do.

No but seriously, you are, the way sprites work are thus:
crushed = crashed = true, accessory = true
crushed2 = crashed = true, accessory = false

So you don't need to do a dozen versions for each yukkuri as far as crushed goes, just two, if youd like to do more, ill add some randomizing for death sprites, but then it would need to be done for each one or errors would pop up.

As far as stalks go, it's actually much less complicated artwise than you might expect, simple put, we can make a stalk a type of accessory. What would have to be done is this, import the various yukkuris in photoshop, pdn whatever, overlay the various "parts" (face, body, accessory etc,) and figure out where the stalk should go, when you have it position properly, merge that layer with the face layer and save it as facenamestalk.png so, a cheerface with a stalk would be cheerfacestalk.png.
The end result should be a sprite for each face with a stalk in it, the renderer will automatically draw and mirror these. To make things better, you can quickly produce them by simple swapping out the face layer with a different one and generally being able to leave the stalk in roughly the same position. If youd like to make things interesting, then modify the stalks appearance based on emotion.

For now, just put little buds on teh stalks, we'll figure out showing the babyyukkrui types later. A death by stalks sprite would be neat also, as i've already implmented super rapist alices that rape other yukkuris to death (about a 12.5% chance to be true when you spawn an alice, 25% for normal rapist)


Why you didn't made the sprites in a modular way, like:

  • Hairs;
  • Faceless body;
  • Face;

This way you could create the yukkuris combining different parts and change their palletes, in the start it can spend some time but with the time you could win a lot of time creating new yukkuris by just changing some parameters.

Artistic and I are working within the existing system, Also keep in mind that the original game only had a few different types of yukkuri, and little to nothing in this code is actually modular at all. This isnt a professional produc, and the code reflects that.

Remember as well that each yukkuri has unique faces, and implementing a modular system that shares assets between yukkuris as suggested would actually lower diversity, not increase it.

Oh, also the ability to shred the hair off. :'D
Sprites would be super easy, since like, ya know, just erase the hair and add some dots. :'D
If you like, i can do them. Sometime. this week.

Braid removal was added but hasnt been released yet because I can't produce a jar, need anon for that.

Or are you talking about completely removing hair (bald tag style) if so, then its something id really like to add, but please keep in mind the gameplay problem inherent in this, mainly, that hair and accessories are the main ways to tell yu's apart, if you take away hair, its going to get a bit rough hehe. That said, if you get me sprites i can have it implemented in about 10 minutes.

However, I would prefer that there be multiple levels of shaving, unfortunately, this would require unique sprites for each yukkuri, as is, a bald sprite would require only two unique sprites, one for remilia, and one for everyone else, faces are added on top of the body sprite, so its a nonissue to simply replace the body in 90% of cases.

ATM, im still ironing out kinks with happiness and feelpain flags with the new tools, and adding randomized, unique dialog for each yu. So far I've added a couple dozen lines to reimu >.>

It's bald with accessories and bald without. The only difference to tell them appart without hair/acces would be the eyes and dialog. C:
I'll start on the bald yu's. :D

alright, just make the first one a generic bald so i can start sticking in the requisite code with it erroring, then we can start making yukkuri specific ones.

Damn, i really want ot release the current revision, it has so much more than the last one, but i cant >.>

You don't need to account for accessories, the code can handle that on its own

EDIT: garbage implemented


I would, but its not like anyone would be able to use it without having JDK and eclipse setup properly. :/

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