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Joke tags

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So should we leave them or not? they can be amusing, and they can be helpful for finding specific infamous images.

But for all I know, accumulation of joke tags could slowly strain the system or something. . .

Updated by yukiyuzen

i think the only good joke tags are those ones that use the Yu's catchphrases like Its like flying in the sky or You gonna get munch munched. They really help searching

I don't think its a big deal. I can always do a quick cleanup by trolling through the tag list at some point. I'm more concerned about misspelled words, those aren't as easy to pick up.

They can stay, or go... just be careful you don't confuse something that looks (and maybe even) started as a joke tag with one that's become used. Example: braggable. If it's no big deal though, I say to leave them unless they're really dumb and there's about five hundred never used again on one image.