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1.Some people suggest me to draw yukkuris in a simple way.

I dont know, "Yun Donuts"?

At first, I tried to imitate Suiso or Murayu Aki, but it looks too much like them. After that, I tried to make my work like Kiri or Yukkuri Jenga, but it made me like a failed copycat which means people know you are imitating, but your works still suck.

Yes, so you can see i almost tried everything, tried to draw simple styles, and complicated styles as well. I draw yukkuris for 1 year and 3 months, but still cant build a personal and steady style. You tell me to draw simple lines?

2.Some suggest me to draw long stories with good story lines.

Well, i really want too, but if you know it usually takes me about 2-4 hours to finished "a" page, you wont say that again.

Luckily, I can successfully draw "a yu" once without re-drawing, but in most situations, I have to re-draw only a yu's eye or mouth "3-4 times" or even more to make it looks like a yu.

People like Kiri, I guess they can finish a page of sketch within a half hour or even 15 mins.

Not to mentioned they use computers to draw and color, and i only got a pencil and an eraser which make my drawing cheap and time-wasting.

When I finish a page, my strength and passion almost burn out, because it takes me damned long time, and after 2 hours, I get a cheap shitty quality work.

It's really frustrating when you work so hard for a long time but you still suck.

One thing left, there are only about 3 weeks left for me to draw yukkuris. After 3 weeks, i may stop. I will show up sometimes, but it would be hard for me to have time to draw.

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Well, if you don't feel like drawing anymore that's your thing. But I for one will be sad to see you stop.

And I never looked at your art and thought that you were a copycat or anything. I like your stuff and think that your yukkuris have personality and are very adorable. Oftentimes our harshest critics are ourselves.

I actually like your art, but getting good at drawing is hard. Not in the "you need talent and it's a crapshoot" hard, but more in the sense of "time, dedication and practice" hard.

Trust me, 2 hours for a page is nothing. Also, you may sketch a page in 15 mins, but getting it "done" takes a full day. I should know, my major is in Fine Arts.

So, don't fret. If you can't dedicate 8 straight hours to one thing, work incrementally. Don't burn out. Draw when you feel like it, for as long as you feel like it, but keep drawing. If you have boring classes that you can afford to drift off, do sketches. Practice. Do quick sketches, develop ideas. Try working with ink on pencil, and when you feel comfortable, ink only. Work from geometric abstraction and work from there. Get a feel at how layouts work.

That being said, I think your art is actually quite good. It's better than half of the artists posting here (certainly better than allantadeu, or 500 yen marisa). So don't give up. Keep at it. You'll get good eventually. The only thing I can guarantee is that if you stop, you will suck.

It sounds like you're giving yourself a difficult time over other people's style. If you did what you were just comfortable or stuck with the vision in your head, how would it look?

Have you done a lot of research into drawing techniques? There might be a way to finesse some of the things that you are looking to draw.

If you are looking for sympathy, you're not going to find it here. Your lines are clean, your style is good, your yukkuris are full of emotion and energy and you only have to redraw your eyes and mouths 4 times? And you do this in only 2-4 hours?

Yeah fuck you. I've been working on a single page of a comic for like the past week now and I'm still not happy with it. 2-4 hours is nothing, that's like a wait at a nice restaurant on a friday night. I've lost count of the number of times I've redrawn yukkuris because I can't draw a fucking circle. The only difference between tablet and drawing on pencil and paper is I erase with the "E" key instead of a piece of rubber. I make just as many mistakes, if not more, than when I draw on paper.

You're clearly not looking for advice here, so I'll just state the obvious. If you draw enough then you'll develop your own sense of style. Copying is fine, copying good artists is better. Eventually you'll draw something different that you like. Nobody cares if you're a copycat or not. Here we call that "homage", and it's great to copy artists you like.

So draw more. If you don't enjoy drawing, then stop. I enjoy your art, and many other people do. It'll be a sad day when you stop drawing, but you won't be the first person to stop drawing yukkuris.

Side note: The material you are drawing on in no way shape or form defines how good your art is. You want to draw on the computer? Go get a bamboo tablet, $70, cheaper than my phone bill for the month.

GL on exams or whatever it is you're doing in 3 weeks.

First, thanks for your responses.

I need to make one thing clear. I will stop just because I have to move to a really far place and live in the dorm. I cant take my big ass scanner with me , so there's no scanner for me to put my works on my laptop. I will get no time to draw either cause I will need to study and work at the same time.

I guess I would just stop looking at other's works when I draw in order to avoid being influenced. Maybe the result would be surprising.

If possible, i want to put on some one-page works or just one long story in the last three weeks, but first I gotta figure a good story line out.

You could always get yourself a portable scanner if you prefer working on paper. It can be hard to find a good one for less than $100USD though.

Fine art student here. Here's my advice and it might sound useless but its what every teacher has ever told me. Draw everything and anything, and draw all the time. Don't limit yourself just to yukkuris you'll become stuck in a rut and burn yourself out. Practice on a junk piece of paper, and try not to erase, it's about repetition and getting your ideas down. Also rehearse your lines before putting it down, it will come out with more control.

Hope that helps.