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Prohibited Content

... you may not use the Site to upload any of the following:

  • Non-Yukkuri: Images not relating to yukkuris may not be posted and will be subject to deletion.

Posting/commenting Rules

Please follow the below guidelines to commenting:

  • You may not make violent comments about yukkuris in family_friendly pictures.
  • You may not express negativity towards fictional anons who enjoy the abuse of yukkuris.
  • You may not question the morality of yukkuri abuse.
  • You will comment with respect towards the rest of the community.
  • Take it easy!

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For the more complete set of the rules, please check the "Terms of Service" page linked here:

It can also be accessed via the ">>" link (to the right of the "Forum" link); then, under the "Users" section, choose "Terms of Service".

This is the same literature you had to agree to before becoming a member (and partly why we sometimes crack down hard on some folks breaking rules). Frankly, the rules are a little difficult to find (again) for newer folk. For convenience and reference sake, I have only excerpted the portion relating to posting and commenting.

Take it easy!

I want to add to this since it's come up before:

Don't question why the anon behaves the way he/she does. They are part of the author's story, shitty human being or not.

Do not bring it up.

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