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I was thinking that i don't really contribute to this community a whole heck of a lot so i was thinking that maybe i could do some editing. If you guys would point me toward a certain series that you wanted edited that would be really nice since for whatever reason my computer and my computer alone, i have checked this on others, won't load the tags section so i can't use the tags very well to find a good series. Any and all help is welcome but please remember that this would be my first time seriously editing something so please don't make it too hard. Again thanks ahead of time for your kind help.

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What I thought when I started editing yukkuri comics, heh. I'm not sure if you know of the yukkuri google group, but if you go there, you'll find some handy tips and guides on editing/language, phrases and adapting it. Anything else, well, just a matter of finding the tools, how to use them and practising with them. If you don't have anywhere to start, use GIMP or Paint.NET.

As for a recommendation for what to edit, I'd say try some chan sketches first. The reason being that most of them need their stories attached on a separate box. While this seems simple, a lot of first time editors are not used to what happens to fonts when doing this kind of editing. So starting there would be good way to "calibrate" before moving to something harder (posts 34227-34229 is a short little set that has already been translated)

As for the next step, try a series or set of images by noraaki.

Editing how to:

talking about the google group. If I have a story, do I have to send it to one of you guys, or I only make a long post, or what?

Just post it. Click on Discussion, pick new post, and just post it. Make sure the formatting looks the way you want though, since groups acts funky.

Little over 9000 (Groups handles spaces weirdly). But the read more won't occur until another person posts, anyway. Whether you want to try to account for that is a matter of preference. I'd given up on that recently just because it makes for some awkward breaks in posting. But that's just my personal quirk.

I'm not sure where i should have posted this so sorry for necroposting so to speak

Recently my life has become much more busy, namely school and particularly robotics, so what time i have been on the computer has been spent doing homework or other such things. As a result the editing spree i was on, if one could call it that, came to an early close. Sorry but as of right now i have no idea when i will have time enough for this sort of thing again, other than in about 4 months when school ends. So as of now you can consider me dead, so to speak, until further notice.

Farewell, for now, my fellow yukkuri fans

p.s. If you need to make room for others or something like that you can remove me from the privileged users list.

It's all good man. Real life comes first and all. Good luck with your studies, get plenty of rest, and hopefully by the end, you can take it easy :)

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