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New Tag: house_yukkuri

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If it was up to me, I'd rather tag them mini_yukkuri (pet yukkuri could be considered house yukkuri in a sense).

I disagree, the name 'mini-yukkuri' has already been taken by Ayazou's ongoing story (orig. "bean-yukkuri"), and as I understand, his mini-yukkuris are unrelated to the current House Yu trend.

Are we talking about making a tag for 'cockroach_yu's? I say pass on that unless really, really takes hold.

I'd say avoid "mini_yukkuri" as well since they're impossible to tag without size comparisons. Even then we'd get some fucked up tags. ( post #15602 "micro_yukkuri"? <.<)

If we're concerned about locating stories, should we go retro and readopt the "series:" tag? I find that the "series:" tag is great for finding stories with no pool and especially good if you know the artist tag.

ParticleMan said:
Maybe just "house_yu" (istead of "house_yukkuri")? This seems to be the Japanese term for them (家ゆ).

Seconding house_yu. Following Japanese conventions would be the best option for issues like this.