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Art requests

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I don't see and art request thread here, so I hope it ain't against the rules. Id like to see a Kotatsu Patchy hybrid just reading a book with her hair/hands and taking it easy, maybe there's some iced coffee and a cream puff on the kotatsu instead of tea and an orange.

Also, you know how they got shell Marisa and aquatic Marisa and kotatsu Marisa and shit? I wanna see a Marisa Marisa. That's a Marisa that, instead of a hat, has another Marisa. Then maybe that Marisa is a Marisa Marisa and has a Marisa for a hat. Then maybe that Marisa is a Marisa Maris and we get all up on some Russian nesting doll shit.

They all me Ski Ball Hero, holla at ya boy


we have only a handful of artists here, so we don't really get art requests much. Fly's our resident family_friendly artists here so you can see if he's willing to do a kotatsu patchy...

but he's slow so take it easy.

Ay just point me in the right direction i can't seem to find that thread. Do this mean I got my n00b card punched? Ah HAH, holla at ya boy.