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Have you nearly been killed before? (off topic)

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Uh.. I fell 3 storeys from an apartment building's balcony when I was really young. Didn't break any bones but I was pretty beat up.

Any reason why you'd make this thread?

Let's see...
Nearly sank to death in canal mud as a kid.
One too many close calls with subway crazies.
Close to being sideswiped by vehicles on a near regular basis.
Had a dangerous reaction to some medication.

Probably some other stuff I can't or don't want to remember either.

I'm with redtails though, why did you make this thread?

I almost forgot about this, but I was almost killed by my own bicycle once.

My family and our neighbor's family were doing a little walk around the neighborhood; my sister, her friend, my friend, and I were riding our bikes. Eventually, we've rounded the neighborhood and are almost at our houses. Right before them is a hill just steep enough to pick up some serious speed. My friend and I have actually already made like two or three trips around going as fast as we can. When we reach this hill for like the third time, we pass my sister and she yells, "Mommy said to stop!"

So, not really having enough time to think about it, I slam my breaks. Both of them. Of course you know what happens when you slam the front wheel breaks while going mach 5, right?

My bike launches me like a catapult down the hill. I fly like 10-15 feet before I hit the pavement. I was lucky, and just ended up with a few scrapes and bruises. Still lying on the ground, I lift my head up just in time to see the front wheel of my bike, which had followed me into the air, land inches in front of my face and continue bouncing down the hill.

Come to find out, my mom wasn't even talking to me. She was only talking to my sister. Because of my sister, I just narrowly avoided getting my skull cracked like an egg by the wheel of my own bike.

I'll bite.

I was stabbed 12 times by an unknown assailant. He stole my backpack (nothing really valuable), my cellphone and my mp3. When he noticed that I didn't have more than 100 bucks in items, he simply stabbed me. Luckily, most of the cuts went to a side of the stomach, mostly cutting fat and muscle (the knife wasn't too long). This happened five blocks away from my house, which is odd because I live in a rather safe location. In any case, I had to walk around three blocks before finding someone (it was late at night) and they hurried me to the hospital. While I didn't lose that much blood, no organs were harmed and other than the stitching I had no serious consequences, I think it was a close call.

This happened 9 years ago. At first I was panicked of leaving home, but after three months or so I was back to normal. The scars kinda make me look badass in a certain light, and it's always a tale to tell. Amazingly, what I remember the most is not the pain, but the warmth of the blood seeping from the wounds. It's almost like peeing yourself. I think I did, too.

I have kinda idiotic story. When I was 10 or so, I ate this very sticky candy with soft stuff in it. It glued my throat together and for 5 seconds I thought I was gonna die...

Nearly had my hand severed when I was about 5 years old when a glass door on a small cabinet shattered. Fortunately, I was taken quickly enough to the hospital before any serious damage was done, but I still have the scar to this day.


@Vault Buster: context?
I got stuck some minutes with a guard, two women and about twenty inmates in a prison hallway.
Maybe it was like two minutes, but to me it looked like eternity and beyond. You know when in a gang of people some start joking harshly, others yell and someone else comes closer to you? Technically speaking it's not physical yet, but you get the idea.
I like to think I kept a straight up, badass stone cold killer face. Most likely I was looking like I was about to piss in my pants. A-at least I managed not to hide behind the women D: